Friday, 23 July 2010

I did not recognize---

I did not recognize
or confused to distinguish
between the two shades,
a microline is divorced
although street was parallel
colours mixed to each others,
pigments were radicals
expelled and ---created grey clouds
gathered on surface of soft
expression ,
suddenly the sky was monotonous
I found myself in to the centre of
whirlwind, trying to overcome
and unseen intuition
raised the hands and hugged me,
in a moment-
sky was purple blue a massive umbrella
ornamented by silvery flowers
emotions were flying high
a passion to create and produce
something the new, up to the minute
an innovative idea
colors appealed me -said
yet day is bright
touch me -- love me
just desire the authentic concept
fill the colours -- thats life.
-- shantanu sanyal