Friday, 29 April 2011


In the life, there is no lack of
Episodes that I keep as memoir
Alternatively, whom I have to
Overlook, it’s difficult to live
With wrecked dream, let create
Some new definitions, that
Tetragon had looted my
Glittering planet several times,
In this straight line, I met you,
Long-ago had its ruined sculpture,
Nearby is waited for final
Stoke, the art of life travels freely,
The bridge of survival sustained,
Every step is relevant, success is
The fragile doll, in the hand
It’s gold, if fall down just becomes
The clay, the destiny’s clouds
Have no certain path, across the
Mountain is the arid land,
Every so often it passes over the
That terrains but no rain,
In this twilight life has shared, few
Beautiful moments with you,
Who knows tomorrow would be
Hence, kind again, this way
Has various destinations, whom
To follow not easy to say,
Their knowledge were complicated,
My acceptance is obstinate,
In the transparency winner lingered
Undecided, in mid path,
I selected you so I loved you,


Until now, I remember that
Rainy night, when we lost the
Path in the mystic woodland,
Moonlit valley, submerged
Passion with awesome fragrance,
Rising emotion together the
Dreamy moon, moisturized
Moment of lost paradise,
Beneath the cyclonic clouds the
Flying of cygnets, the warmth
Of breathing, healing touch
Of life, sinking of luminaries
One by one, the scattering of
Galaxy into the cavity of night,
Awakening of misty forest,
Revolution of dreams on the edge
Of your dove eyes, picking
The tiny wild bloom underneath
The anonymous tall tree,
Splashing the lake water to each
Others body, that lunatic laugh!
The nocturnal bird s surprise look,
Dragging your hand as you
Desired to walk on the lotus leaves,
Gazing to sky to get the dew
Drops on the smiling face,
Sleeping carelessly on the smooth
Rock, counting the moving stars,
Unknowingly embrace as strange
Calls made the mysterious moment,
However, that was a monsoon night,
But rain was far away just a
Spell, some drops of water,
Moon had played the hide and
Seek, entire night we were moved
As a fanatical tributary, we lived
Full life in a night, in the first ray
We felt that the planet is
Left behind a distance, nobody
Recognized us we passed silently
Before the ruined temple, near
The tomb, among the crowd,
They may be rejected us, we have
Had also forget them, we reached
In the lost paradise,


Inclined spines, distress faces,
Midnight procession,
The shadows are passing,
Towards the basilica end,
Carrying candles in their hands,
This mute protest often,
Agitated my heart, soul, brain,
A curiosity didn’t allow me
To sleep peacefully, I followed
Them, reached nearer
And found all are familiar faces
Abandoned by society,
Forgotten by flow of time,
What they want, where is their
Destination, a swarm of questions
A cloud of grief goes through,
Somber looks says why god
Has made us lesser
Destiny’s children, we wanted
To bloom just like you
Just like them, why didn’t we
Get our little share,
Our dreams were tender, innocent,
We didn’t claim for beatification,
A privilege to survive parallel
To others, the closed door
Of cathedral opens itself,
A strange illumination emerged
Bleeding man steps down
Says look me I’m hurt, wounded but
I didn’t forget to smile
He looks towards the mystical sky
Raising hands towards unknown,
Unidentified, face, with
Wet eyes he prays, the tear drops
Fall down, I looked, in the
Eastern sky gradually clouds are
Moving as a beautiful flowers
Blooming, scattering the colors,
Submissive mass returns
With new dreams in their eyes
From far away I looked
The church slowly becoming
The temple, synagogue, sometimes
It looks like the pagoda,
The flute s sound is floating on
Wind over the barren valleys