Sunday, 31 July 2011

eventually, adaptation taught to follow
the path of survival, since immemorial
era I searched the truth of immortality -
from the mysteries of ogygian period
to neoteric life, nothing is changed, all
the conundrum replicated in your eyes,
the graphic art of love has a polyhedral
beauty, entire life has needed to touch -
the depth of that ocean, placid feeling
forces me to avoid the wilderness, the
perception of akathisia makes me true
human,  the sense of metemspychosis
or rebirth, all the universal philosophies
sheltered on your chest, often I tried to
sleep on your lap of munificent emotion,
albeit in the western sky stormy clouds
challenge to navigate, I didn't furl the rig!
on the rebellious waves, silent sentiment
keeps the mind cool, later sky supports!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

the game of seek and hide, the incessantly
chase behind  the illusion, brought me in
the land of prodigious, weird moving -
shadows, venom dipped all the arrows had
missed the direction, sheltered on the
chest, tried to obviate them, it's true, heart -
ignored all the time the pain of wounds,
the injured soul strayed here and there, mum
speechless emotion remained unanswered !
dripping blood drops reminded them my
existence, I hadn't path for scape, time filled
all the bores, skin covered the spots,
maverick clouds recaptured the grey sky, in
the end of twilight I found, waiting silence -
face, on the stairs of cathedral, your arms
are still stretched for me, since centuries life
searched your infinite love, I confounded
after looking the graceful your beauty, the
destination itself asking me for final address!

painting by - Jeff Rowland

Friday, 29 July 2011

aghast eyes, saw your modified face,
did you exchange the conscience, this
angelic look says life is beautiful, just
touch to pulsation of heart softly, feel
the moisture on the dark circle of eyes,
I have seen the valleys of rare blooms
often cockle in your persona with love
and peace, chortle of youth, innocent -
laugh of kids playing on the street's
backlog rain water, a raw beauty of life,
did you gaze the monsoon sky, covered
by thick dense clouds, drop of emotion
had its own pathetic tale, several times
it flown from forehead to down the chest,
in the twilight someone collected few -
reasons for survival, shared the elation,
dream had no monopoly, night scattered
darkness equally on the earth, the blues
spent the eternal beauty into the heart,
from acropolis to slum, fireflies inherent -
aesthetic land, let lit the candles of love,

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ubiquitous Reflection

the chaplet of love never lost redolence -
embraced the soul in a way that I had
offered the entire life under that shadow, 
respiration graphs created aesthetic 
sketches, borrowed the beauty from the
nature, oblation of heart is nothing, the 
soul submitted in the utmost adoration,
this deep indulgence doesn't fright any
consequences, till the end of earth, the
manitou would be deviate in the universe !
to get God's truth on your sacred face,
on that capacious lap of beloved, all the
sin, virtue, love, animus, distinction, all
diversification of life get the justice with
probity, on that extreme point nobody feels
degenerated, the doors of self realization
have opened forever, a gameness is
needed only to pass the apertura with
devout heart, this culmination of love links
the soul to supreme power, invisibly that
leman scatters the indigo brilliance light,
life walks slowly towards that destination !
gradually all fallacy, mist of illusion,
disappears one by one, the abstersion
brings new glaze into the persona, the dry
eyes feel the moist, here starts the repletion
process in life, I see your image on wounded
rejected, discarded, bleeding faces, this
sensation force me to love you intensely !

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


across the jagged, sultry, thorny arid land
of desert, life traveled the journey, hoary
clouds had no time to talk for a moment !
sweating destiny didn't support I just left
it on the sand dunes, might be in the late
night, dreams had been covered with the
silky arms, galaxy, stars, moon scattered
the beauty on my meteor -crater, chest
never complained, comet had written few
lines on the oriental sky, perhaps the -
essence of life shared by integral friends
waterfalls, rivers, flowers, pale leaves, dew
droplets of web, thrived tress of wild trail,
though they inhabited far away in own world,
I feel into my broken breath several times,
loved all of them with integrity, tried the
 inclusion of smiles, sometimes spilled
down tear drops couldn't be concealed into
the heart, up down path of life in the end
became the boon, blooming valleys -
reluctantly loved me, blessed with unseen
weal, tried to share smiles on everybody's
face, except that I had no other dream,


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

wet days are no more, flew away 
all the rain clouds in unknown space 
droplets of windowpanes dried - 
soon, gradually disappeared fireflies,
vivid moth left broken wings,
low tide of seashore had written few 
lines on the left over sand bed,
lovely moments of proximity were -
astatic, flown towards the slope, found
probably the lost path of wilderness,
time didn't look back, though I  
remained stand still near the memory,
all friends of my childhood encircled
the emotion before the sun set,
in the twilight your fingers touched the
dead sentiments, filled the fragrance,
when moon floated on the sky -
I tried my best to bloom with hundreds
petals, do not know that why fell
down delicate dream on the arcade of
life, night passed with distress mood,
eyes searched for a drop of moonlight !

Sunday, 24 July 2011


on the invisible altar I had chanted, the
psalm of love, this adoration was for 
everybody, beyond the identity, bet or
condition, do not break the oath for -
petty reasons, the planet has plenty of
unexplored space, let me refuge in 
the heart, living alone is not possible,
self - knowledge says all the time, the
breathing doesn't care the boundaries,
amid the tear droplet and smiles, a
tiny stream flows incessantly day and 
night, perception appeals to adhere
the path of sacrifice, pride, egotism -
sanctimony are the path of subversion,
evanescent life desires only love, peace
all wide bridge doesn't know the dialect 
of crown, aristocracy, it's a medium to 
bring the traveler across the river -
on the land of adoration, altar of love !


Saturday, 23 July 2011


 far away, in the bottom of mountains
two streams have a singleton origin,
they flow separately, across valleys -
somewhere, perhaps we met once
in fortuitous way, swapped emotion,
later synaphea dissolved beautifully,
each others pride, scruples eroded,
in the darkness converted in a water -
falls, seven colors of foam blown on
the clouds, moisturized the blues -
I saw your turning point towards the
half opened window panes, the wind
of midnight, wild flying fragrance, all
together helped you to find the trails,
hitherto, observed your aslope face,
nictating eyes, effrontery attitude -
anyway I knew very well that twist in
the life, dernful journey was nothing
new, the diffusion brought me on the
plain landscape, unexpectedly again
your meet me on the conflux point,
I hadn't option except to embracing
 the reality to reach the oceanic world!
once more heart desires to love you.


Friday, 22 July 2011

the battle of predominance, not yet
finished, night is ended with lot of -
bloodshed, screams,sobbing, cries
with blank expression life remained
contemner,unsung, the broken wave,
the benignity of time was not lesser,
it tried to break the dykes several -
occasion, flow of heart constricted in
the end, I learned the art of surfing
at last, shadow of nightmarish feel -
didn't defeat the dream of future, the
intuition for survival among the swirls
had given me spunk to face the time,
your love was nailing point before the
submersion of boat,anyhow traveling
to the rocky edge, filled the confidence,
in the end I touched the milestone !

Thursday, 21 July 2011

the last night you had embraced me 
in way that I still feel the apnea, that 
impendency raises the several query!
however on those illusive moments -
the blues unfolded the starry, bleak 
encampment, dreams were flying on 
the surface of relationship,standing 
near the creeper of passion flowers, 
heart had no escape corridor,the wet  
railing of balcony, said repeatedly it's 
raining in the remote of forest, hiding 
cyclone has its own perception, you 
can not easily redeem the touch of -
nocturnal fragrance on the body,love 
chases whole the life, all the times,
the tube roses hides the aquatic drop
carefully inside the closed petals, 
drown emotion has no other desire -
excluding assimilation in your love with 
complete authenticity, transparency 
its needed to sustained prolong aroma
in the corporal, spiritual planet with purity.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

 The Concentrated Attention
the straying of mind had no certainty
it snips the life silently, from this sky
to that planet incessant race to fill the
desires,an addiction, a narcotism of
delusion invites implicit distress, pain !
heart roams on the plateau of drift -
valleys of emotion, sticking with lot of
dreams, life doesn't wish to face the
reality, in  subconscious actually we
creates the nice imaginary world, albeit
under the feet is laying helical spinose
path, the way of survival needs the affix
point of sorrow and pleasure,in the art
of balance my success was concealed,
though I wandered to search you -
everywhere, in manifold destinations, in
the dark,in the light while you have
already inhabited inner the heart since
first breathing on this planet !


Monday, 18 July 2011

here all the arrogant thoughts have died,
heart becoming leaves of lotus, glass of
mirror, your love is droplets of dew, it's
glow of pearl, wet sensation of gracious 
charm flows silently through the veins, the
spontaneous perception pulls towards -
the dream, everybody emerging one by 
one with prayer's shadow on the faces, a
blessing's dominance, an origin of love 
in cognizable way appearing before the 
vision, negativeness is loosing the arena,
in the dense gloominess the ray of hope,
showing the path of adoration, somebody 
holds the hand softly, saying do not stop,
just follow the inundation of light, this is the
land of angelic beauty, ours and aliens -
no difference, do not hang back, keep 
continue the journey, towards the cosmic 
friendship, share the conscientious love in
way, entire planet is your beloved person, 
in that miracle moment I found repletion!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

appetency had the unlimited sky
relations changed the facet often,
sharing the laughter, smiles was
not the denotement that you had
reined on  land of fragile dreams,
might be you had won the body -
heart remained dry, acarpous
untouched planet of emotional
glassy surface, off and on we -
gazed to each other in profundity,
nevertheless real meeting point
left over in the far away horizon,
neither you understand the depth
of love nor reached by me to that
eternal destination, slash multiplied
several times, is equal to was -
cipher, the life didn't break the
equation, a cold war of sentiments
forced us to sign on the accord for
living together beneath one roof,
undecided competition laid on the
floor, defeat and victory shared the
mysterious couch, the unsatisfactory
attitude in life, unwillingly brings
two abstract soul near to nearer,
darkness increases the curiosity in
a way, we submitted the individuality,
 fear to loosing someone fills the blank,


Friday, 15 July 2011

derelict foams of seashore hides
oyster's untouched beauty, shells 
broken corals, twigs of weeds, for
discoveries, life needs inclination,
in this junction of earth and ocean, 
 heart floats to touch the adoration,
the sinking sun often leaves the -
some touch of innocent dreams on
the steady aquatic surface, night 
decorates the waves with moonlit 
magic,silence of shoreline creates
romance in the dried moment of -
life, unknowingly you hold hand, I
accept this submission by depth
of internal heart, as lifting beautiful
mosaic dreams from the wet sand!
the reflection of tiny rays of shells - 
filling constantly the passionate feels,
alone an unknown boat plunging in
its way, on the little turmoil waves,
restless pulsation searches, the point
to throw the anchor,near the edges  
of your big oval shaped eyes, life
doesn't want to separate the persona 
from your cryptic threads of trap, 
something unexplained sentiments 
brings me in your proximity with a 
distinct essence of scattering pearls!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

the fatal venom of hatred again
spilled on the road, fangs didn't
recognize ours or aliens, blood
hadn't philosophy of prejudice, it
flown on the street, walk as you
wish on the surface of pain, tear
drops, screams, bleeding hearts,
may be one day gate of heaven
to be permit you for entry, write
on the pious shrine the names of
dead innocent souls for blessing,

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

the salinity of life concentrated to only
self created miseries,I forgot to smile !
a desire to get more than imagination
made me musk deer, ran after dreams
though happiness was in my nucleus,
do not ask again the calculation of life
all the equations cheated so brilliantly,
entire the world surrounded the persona,
own shrinkage didn't share the emotion,
it's my image, impounded many times,
complaining regarding the isolation was
so easy,mind opted acting to win the all
people,the self polarized method pushed
me in the corner of gloominess, here my
soul has no alternative step, except the
compromise with the condition, actually
heart doesn't accepted the defeat, mind
has mission to win the planet, this passion
of unlimited reason brings me often near
to mysterious thing, this wandering habit
makes the life more twisted, coiled, self
centered, simple easier path was before
the vision, I had weaved the complicated
net, in four alphabets that whole the -
extraction was hidden, I ignored the truth,
I forgot to love you with depth of dedication,

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

perhaps they didn't wait for me
before the dawn, left the inn
to get the first hour train,
it's happened in the life
 several  times, the needle of
clock follows only the rules of flow,
the emotions had the wings
of butterflies, weak, glassy, feeble
from the eyes to heart was
a long distance, tried to reach the
tip of adoration, though didn't
know the consequences of  love,
on the footprints, somebody
had written the meaning of pyre
deciphering the sentiments wasn't
the child's play, the life twisted
in its circle, single meaning too, I
couldn't understand,
aphorism of
tear drops had short life, broken
from the eye edges, scattered
soundlessly on the floor, later sky
has decorated the space with the
cipher-code of galaxy, empty platform
of station explained beautifully
about the existence of new dream ---

Monday, 11 July 2011

steps questioned often
touching to your persona, is it the
ultimate destination in life, I wouldn't
desire to see the death of dream,
from your subtle eyes, a prismatic
ray flows in way that I can see path in
the dense gloominess too, all the
masculinity here submits to adoration,
the definition of love, I do not wish to
change for an evanescent pleasure,
the bridge of emotions are so delicate
willingly too, I can't cross the stream,
the aquatic level is yet knee deep -
not so difficult to reach another edge,
let the clouds to be condensed on
blues, movement is needed to settle
down, dry monsoon has not acquired
the intensity of downpour, whenever the
flow of love would reach to the risque
point, I would be there stretching  the
arms, chest is towards the insulation
process, let torrential rain embrace the
desert of centurion thirst, do not break
the unseen boundary in premature way,
just minerals are now, in the furnace,
the purity needs the burning blue flames!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

breakages of emotions, the antique 
glassy sentiments, it has had to break
one day, now it slipped from the hands
scattered on the floor, and broken, so 
what, life desires to collect all pieces 
one by one, reconstructing the dream 
has its own glamor, heart doesn't want
to  leave the crystal of eyes, it sparkles 
in the darkness of isolation, time's flow
had its different precedence, might be 
I tried to move towards the antipodes -
way, this imperil task taught to know the
 veracity of life, compact, compromise 
didn't make me weak, I repaired the 
boat, kept  voyage continue, you had 
no time to follow the waves, thanks for 
that, I have no option, barring to float, let 
the destination love me again with full of
passion, beautiful meaning to get in the 
misty trails that you provided the lost 
image, today I knew real self - identity !

Saturday, 9 July 2011

the painful echoes vibrating
from the valleys of 
emotions, the life looks 
redundant,where again the 
mirror is broken, my 
image is scattered on the 
floor,though twilight has 
mosaic beauty,
why wounded smoke raising 
from the lamps,unknown 
face, sitting isolated, 
I don't know the reason behind 
the gloomy faces,who are 
those strange shadows,   
eagerly looking towards the sky 
its rain s prophesy, or a messianic
thought preparing for sacrifice,
gazing the glassy cross,
someone hiding, pasted the 
advertisement of season,
life almost passed
in waiting of all wellness's
 spring, didn't see anybody smiling,       
continuous a comprehensive 
silence dominated the life,
an emptiness of mausoleum,
people had have said, somewhere 
here is existed the stair of heaven,
Hadn't see you in the mist 
smokes of pain  were raising 
echoes were breaking, scattering
on the trail some pieces of 
mirror were laying carelessly,
lamps breathed at last, 
life waited till the break of day
a cause to smile, everybody could 
share a beautiful short life.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

are you the far away shore of ocean,
sinking emotions desire to touch the
comprehensiveness, sand castles of 
adoration calls me as reverberation -
continuously say torrential raining is 
going on, the land of generous heart,
do not put off the earthen lamps of 
door, moon did not get the freedom,
clouds are thick, dense, gloominess
scattered from one horizon to other, 
did you write the poetry on the froth of
beach, waves are fickle to get a new 
life, it's heard that in evening prayer 
all beautiful hearts sing the song of 
universal peace, birds warble listening 
them, on that ruined temple do not 
forget to wait for me, some incomplete
offerings are remained on my empty 
hands, heart is passionate to join on 
that procession of truth, beauty, 
equality, the land of great soul calls me 
again and again to lit dead perception, 


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

In that elusive consent, amazing
Pleasure had veiled, as in the nub
Of a full-grown bloom, often dew
Nectar, venom, snare co existed –
Restive pollens of heart desired to
Fly through the placid wind, hence
The night all of a sudden became
Decade long, blinking of eyelashes
Crippled, entire persona turned to
An enigma of life, lethal smile had
The wide ranging effects, in the
Distance moonlit blazed the valley,
Nocturnal silence prevailed away
Far away, clouds of smoke I do not
Know exactly, a feeling of mist, may
Be nomadic emotion were flying -
Above the tranquil beautiful lake, in
Magical touch of eyes created a
Aurora, the waves of passion didn’t
Find out the magnetic poles, life
Had unexpected occurrence on
Those moments, a pebble has
Thrown, the multiple waves made
The circles of sensation, a few get the
Edge, some sank instantly in the core!
A feeling to preserve somebody’s
Love for everlasting way is not so
Simple, prolong burning of desert
Carries some droplets of rain, while
Numerous arid, discarded planets have
A few chances to absorb the moisture,

Monday, 4 July 2011

in the pervasive blur of dusty twilight
a tiny earthen lamp, in the ruined
glebe of archaic shrine, in unknown
way, blinks with appetency of new
moon light, in search of prognosis!
do not close the aperture, skylight
tonight moon has been promised to
donate milky rays dipped into the -
redolence of the secret devoutness,
beneath the shadow of your eyes,
life rests for some moment to get the
beauty of truth, meaning to survival
in multifarious way to assimilate all
the miseries, pains, negativeness, in
the adamant reality of life,an affiance
that never detach from the heart,
someone is standing unnoticed in the
spinney bush, stretching generous
 arms, eager to wipe out the wet eyes,
your love has manifold shapes, the
emanation is difficult search, how do
you reach near me its subtle, but
I feel, touch accepted your beautiful
existence in my breathing, in pulsation,

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A note of address, flying kiss, strange
Smile, body language, all together
Made a stunning reunion promise, the
The wings of time was unsteady, it
Flew in its way, wandering emotion
Hadn’t the aviary, season couldn’t wait
For me, ice had melted on the peak,
Fresh breathing surfaced on the dales,
Unspecified wilds bloom reappeared
In the tip of inclined bough, whose
Shadow is floating on calm lake I tried
To identify, perhaps some thin clouds
Are left over in the ash colored sky,
Past moment sometimes, feel s
Nostalgic fragrance, in the tip of finger
Few drops let of memory wants to
Sustained wetness, magnetism of your
Love holds the hands, an absorb
Appeal goes through body to brain, on
The canopy of life agreements,
Compromises replacing slowly all the
Broken promise, the wind of mild -
Warmth has a wonderful effect, the
Flow of glacier gradually increasing the
Speed, heart wishes to paint again,
Write poetries see the mirror through
A different angle, an expectation
Emerging fast, a fossilized desire, a dead
Sensation, life touching the dreams -