Monday, 4 July 2011

in the pervasive blur of dusty twilight
a tiny earthen lamp, in the ruined
glebe of archaic shrine, in unknown
way, blinks with appetency of new
moon light, in search of prognosis!
do not close the aperture, skylight
tonight moon has been promised to
donate milky rays dipped into the -
redolence of the secret devoutness,
beneath the shadow of your eyes,
life rests for some moment to get the
beauty of truth, meaning to survival
in multifarious way to assimilate all
the miseries, pains, negativeness, in
the adamant reality of life,an affiance
that never detach from the heart,
someone is standing unnoticed in the
spinney bush, stretching generous
 arms, eager to wipe out the wet eyes,
your love has manifold shapes, the
emanation is difficult search, how do
you reach near me its subtle, but
I feel, touch accepted your beautiful
existence in my breathing, in pulsation,