Thursday, 16 September 2010

every body knows except you !

a little bit gloomy blues, wind -
constant, flow of love is stable,
far away the ruins of feelings,
wants the renovations, refresh,
evening is getting down slowly-
slowly, erratic breath waits for
you, as diffident night blooms,
the elusive emotions fear to say
perhaps, eyes would be revealed
whole the story, i do not know
the depth of vision has an affect,
whenever we met, muffled words
did not success to open the lips,
in the captivity, heart became as
the bunch of rose buds, eager to
bloom, but sky did not allow -
the passionate ray to touch the
nucleus, petals awaited prolong,
again another moment, i am
waiting for you, to say in a short
how much i love you, its better to
ask the sky, stars, moon, flower,
every body knows except you !
--- shantanu sanyal

why i loved you so much?

the vivacity goes through the
numinous path of your eyes,
i know, a dim luminosity is -
inhabited on the loving heart,
virtuous face reflects the ray
compassion reacts to survival,
the misty sky, floral clouds
the earth turns eden, as your
seer smile sprinkled on the life,
scorching summer alters on
the shadow of generosity, as
your mysterious touch appeals,
to love again and again, the
waterfalls of mountain sing
the lyrics of vivid coloured birds,
i could see, the image of beloved
across the crystal - clear stream,
here rainbow desire to break-
its emotions, to adorn your body,
wild blossoms want to pour-
all the hidden fragrance on you,
the low tide goes up in a moment
whenever waves touched your
shadow, the moon becomes crazy,
the riddles chased me whole
the life, why i loved you so much?
--- shantanu sanyal