Wednesday, 2 February 2011


turncoat attitude could not hurt the
world s sassignments, the caravans have

to travel, in the shadow of pyramids,
evolution is continued since centuries,
slaves have a certain day to rule the 
planet, nothing is permanent, the bricks
of castle refuses to support the monolith
structure, revolutions do not wait for
divinity, extreme prejudice creates the
everlasting ignition, emperor is found
under the sky in a moment, the life has
own ambitions, hard to built the dams
on the flow of cyclone, eruption has no
sympathies for adjoined cry of emotion,
dreams are not personal properties! the
sensation of mind goes through beyond
the imagination, in the ovary of flames
future sleeps calmly, flare up any time.


passion stoma stretched out the beauty
of ceaseless adoration, as you caress the
blank canvas of life, i stared silently the
sky, whole the night dream occupied the
physical landscape, coated colors all over,
as a replica exposed, i released happily all
egos, paused moments between us fused
into the amalgam of colors, sweat, odor -
the fingers altered into the soft, silky, wet
brush, you sailed the yacht anchor less,the
oath to sink together in the swirl of desires,
the promise did not concern the twisters, i
became the bank of turmoil flooded river,
just to expel from the planet of boundaries,
on those impressive moments we reached
to weird but delightful land of peace, love-
the marine surge looked like the wet flames
touching to encircled glow of full moon, we
surrendered here to make the life complete.