Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The submission

Few droplets of dew, uncertain edge
let the wind to be stable for a moment,
the tentative leaf, drips are nervous
love is withholds in the eyes of yours,
the corporal imminence, sweet union
let me embrace, the galaxy of affection,
do not detach the arms, rhizomes desire
the prolific land to bloom the lilies,
the psychosis between the unlike lips
new poetries of life gets germination,
do not hesitate to walk on the surface of
muscled frozen lake, warmth is needed
to submission of flow, extreme pleasure,
the delataic region full of fecundity, lushness
the river has to divide in the natural bay,
to get the ocean in comprehensive way,
just hold my personality to submerge
the arid land, morning wants to make
the canvas of life, full of blossom - - - -
- - - shantanu sanyal

Monday, 30 August 2010


layers and layers, pitch dark clouds
thunder,uncontrolled wind
together all in the provocation fuel
earthen lamp of ancient temple
a survival for the last breath
evening goes through the miles long
infinitive deep wild caves
promise to be fulfilled, any how
meeting rock is far away
thorny land, dense jungle, blind valleys
have to cross the tidal river
clapping hands, the invisible faces
preparing to throw the stones
mysterious,poisonous smiles
every where, in this merciless universe
face the chalange,the ring of fire
the cross over the final destination
to hug the beloved
be ready for the fire baths
proved homself the twenty four carat.
-- shantanu sanyal

the negative album

all the shining faces vanished, one by one
promises hanged on the wall
mistakes some times alter the reality
every one performed excellently
the spell bound acting is ended
no more clapping, zero stage, empty chairs
lights off - - - deadly darkness prevailed,
eclipsed all the myth, an emotinal hypothesis
bleeding moments, broken chandeliers
melted candles, flameless inner fire
fumy sky, dissolved moon,
the negative album-- a broken easy chair
an image extinct before the development
a person died before the midnight,
just keep some floral lines on the coffin
may be artificial -- once you loved me.
---- shantanu sanyal

endless -- search

two eyes, languages less

something searching all the time

on the rail tracks, besides the roads

on the ruined temple stairs

...just searching all the time

human, inhuman, some use to laugh

on her, some feel sorry

summer, winter or rains

two eyes weeping persistantly

but no tear drops-- unvisible stream

seismic memories, people say her- mad

commenting is the easiest thing

i heard, she belonged to some

aristocrate family,son is in america or

in london, i dont know exactly

what is lost -- how to say

silently she searches on the earth

some times towards the sky

endless -- search

-- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 29 August 2010

the riddles

neither you asked nor answered by me
i do not know, how it happened
an unseen relation between us developed
without the meduim -- strange -- but true
i feel your presence in my individuality
an image often moves
silently around the my shadow, i confessed
someone merged or
its the waves bringing me away far away
oceanic blue sky becomes suddenly
mosaic art of renaissance era - - -
leonardo, picasso, micheil angelo --
often sitting in the midnight together
my living room becomes the art gallery
i feel, they talk only for you -- i found
myself in athens, sometimes in florence
the crowd of question marks
chasing the days and night - - -
beyond the definition, a feeling is growing
like a cilmber creeping, on the body, mind,
hundreds desire erupt in a tiny moment
the agitation wants to drag me in the
virgin wilderness -- the purity refuses
to accept the submission --
who cares, the whirpool, the cyclone
i am the moth -- the short life, just want to
die in your arms, the endless passion gives me
--- shantanu sanyal

lost pages

after a long, dark, alone, journey
looked back my inncent days
hiding somewhere in the country side
died that tiny stream in the summer
and turmoils in the rain
foot prints disappeared
no one remember forever
times heals every thing, a process
in natural way, images, love, hate
relations deposited in the heart,
its difficult to eras the primitive arts
centuries passed no any change,
vibrant wild flowers still bloom
hot wind brings the winy fragrance
a channel of fire goes
from one end to other --
mountain ashamed to cry
silent night looks more beautiful
necked rocks becomes ugly
in the light,
precious, fragile memories
makes wounds untreated
in gray shades on the secret place
some other rainy days
please turn over the lost pages.
---- shantanu sanyal

precious moments

in the region of your existence
a magnatic field react the full life,
a traveler forgets the path, roams
around the starry - - magical eyes
please keep enclosed emotion, tonight
let to be grown more sensation
tonight let me to divide in particles,
love me extremely over the expectation
a long separation bring us so closer
let live in this precious moments
and die jointly before the dawn appear
dissolve whole the planet in a touch
my persona wants to melt in you
as iceberg sinks in to the ocean - -
the summer gives the chance to the blooming,
release all the desires, -- let seeds to be
germinated, tender leaves want to touch
the blues -- give the new meanings
the love beyond the discription,
a divine feeling, delighted the heart
please do not remove your face
from my dried chest -- just keep your
eyelases on the thirsty lips -- let me
submit all the flow of passion
as two unknown rivers meet somewhere
and become an individual giant wave,
flowing towards the horizon
let go, away far away, holding hands together
in that point - - - the ever lasting night sustained!
-- shantanu sanyal

a vacuum

a vacuum is prevailed
around the individuality
whenever you left the space
felt myself unfamiliar among
the friends, murcury less mirror
golden frames without image,
an agitation of feelings, wants
to revolt, the moon looks pale
the charmless object - - - - -
in a moment the sea becomes
the miles and miles arid land,
the invisible flames, sky turns
suddenly an inferno -
whole the night, endless burning
moment converts in decades,
sleepless eyes, night passes with
heavy steps through my chest-
an affection, everlasting love
do not allow me to die,
waiting for your re- presence
i prepare to face every day
as a new life, again and again
--- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 28 August 2010

extinct moments

magical full moon
moves slowly in th silver blue
night birds singing or calling to
each other, difficult to recognize
the mysterious beautiful night - -
reflections asked many questions
answers are crazy
no permanent shelter
roaming in the land of tuber lilies
gypsy thoughts want to settle down
somewhere in the dreamy island
do not ask the introduction
just sit down the nearer
no expression, no discussion
tonight i want to walk
on the lunatic path of moon rays
wilderness will break the limit
tonight do not go away
just to closer to my heart
i have been requested to the morning
just wait in the horizon
till our return
from the unknown land of passion
the flowering valley -- every where
desires are blooming in masaic colours,
do not release me tonight from
your ocean  deep  eyes, just hold my persona
in your gorgeous encloser - - - keep
my emotions on your delicate lips,
as a rare moments i want to dissolve myself
tonight in everlasting love.
----shantanu sanyal

Friday, 27 August 2010

it s destiny

the dogmas were white clouds
and reality, contradictions
dreams are under the shards
the procession passes, organized
hired slogans - - - jay ho - jay ho
the forced adaptation another
origin of new exploitation, innocents
in the margins, raising the hands
the hands are empty, as eyes
the chest - - inspiration for the
contemporary art, cross lines
skeleton remained for beautiful
poems, progressive writters
the celebration whole the night
just tag a stamp on the forehead
backbone less man, i have no regret
for that , it s destiny - - -
--- shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 26 August 2010

the reincarnation

 the reflection of your love,
makes the full moon more
magnificent and closer to
the heart, the emotions
are hidden into the nectar
of night lilies, wants to move
through the nerves to mind
the strokes of your beauty
conducts the experiments,
bit by bit till the widespread
of my body feels the sensation
an unknown compulsion
makes the night heavenly,
my desires depart the layers
as petals unchained its
drowsiness to get the moon
light, droplets of honey dew
i feel, breath, your existance
in the each body parts - - -
in proximity, i relinquished
the masculine, egotistical feel
i love my defeat in your arms,
because the conquest appears -
in your face, and says me
the life is short for an endless
love - - perhaps, the reincarnation
is possible, to love you after demise
i do not know !
- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 20 August 2010

the edge of the earth

 the edge of the earth

in which direction disappeared lunatic

group of people, who followed the

love path of jesus,

in the far away - - dense forest

...the lines of fire,

mahua flowers fell down before

the blossom,

once they said- humanity is the

religion,humanity is every thing

i dont know, who were they-

belong to strange planet,

bloomed the unknown dreams

magical stories,life as flowering path

condensed the sky with clouds of hope

today, after feeling this, i am happy for

some moments,

far away is the seasonal rain

deserts are burning on the chest

everlasting blaze is continued

hundreds fangs night, exchange

buying - selling, inner outer of heart

submerged in endless darkness

painful screams --

the last traveler of night

laughing in silent

many oysters, conchs, nude bodies

broken backbones ,masks - - - -

who care about these

ocean shrinks slowly -- goes away

known unknown faces

later lost in the pages of stories

in the discarded edge of planet -

-- shantanu sanyal

some broken lines

a few incomplete canvases
stiffed brushes, frizzed colours
its happened, sometimes shadows
refuse to accept the presence,
the rain drops couldnt fill the
the margin of heart, dried since
a long time, as you forget to pass
through the rain shadow valleys,
the partial landscape of life
hang about, for your silence to
accept the authenticity of love,
though the clouds were promised
to break their egoism, for few
moments to deluge the arid part,
but it was too late, emotional
shades waited for your consent,
the monsoon changed the path
the wet sketch, slowly died
you turned down the request
the painting of the life suffocated,
seasons has thrown it ruthlessly
it s not easy to recognize, the
relations, some broken lines - - - -
- - - shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 19 August 2010

nothing is left to hide

unwanted, hideous faces are
closer to my heart, because
i found your gorgeous face
everywhere just abundantly
hiding in the depth of their
bleeding, wounded hearts
essence goes through these
blamed, abused, hated path
how can you say me atheist,
i pray and love to all faces
easy to break the statues
burn the doctrines created
by the world, it s arduous to
convert the faces into the
blossom, have a miracle near
someone, share the inner love
i desire to swap all deformity
my love is exigent, loves to
residual souls, uncared smiles-
hugs me, makes the relations
physical, mental, any thing
i am the river, flowing since
centuries to accept flowers
salvia, venom, sin, purity --
i love you so much, hence
nothing is left over near me to hide.
-- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

the crawling dreams

 submerged the planet i raised the
hands, you didnt keep the word
you refuse to recocgnize me - - -
last judgment, in the row of wounded
souls, i was alone, you changed the face
in the burning path of humanity
you followed for some extend and
changed the direction, i called you
you didnt answer, flowering dreams
separated to you - far away, the promise
the oath to die together, i kept in
to the emotional album, colorless
fainted, collapsed fresco of
by gone era sometimes sings the
love songs,i know, nothing worthy
for you, your world bloom day - night
but i m sure, often tear drops
falls, soundless, nobody knows
the source of wet, just heart becomes
moisturized without the clouds as
sky fills the thirsty valleys
suddenly dreams crawl on the land,
my dry chest absorbs the love - - -
you left over the foot prints
on the soft,wet, surface of heart
memories exploit me every moment
my eyes do not want to look 
mirror any more -- i want to 
eras your image from my life
is it possible, i do not know - - - 
- - - shantanu sanyal

the feelings

inner crusader defied, mid night
unrestrained emotions do not permit,
desires to be asleep, flesh and bones
blood and mind, unseen flow existed
among the crowd of idealistic thoughts,
stripped passion bloomed, nothing
is sinful, if tired soul wants to rest
on the origin of birth, an organism
revolts, the love evolves, new creation
gives a new dimensions to the life,
the profound valleys, rare orchids
vivid colors, required beautiful attempt
plucking the rose no scratch!
gain and pain, the part of life, simple
philosophy, no complications
the stream which flows constantly
between the two physical edges
the emotions bridging them often
to get healing touch for survival,
its natural - absolute truth - - - -
two magnetic field submit, itself
in a point of love, no need any
scientific hypothesis, proof, theories
its agreement between the feelings,
just feel it, forget the rest of world ! 
- - - shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

beyond the cosmos

in the circle of the feelings
i decorated the moments with
shy touches,hesitant kisses
obstinate clouds,condensed
in your dreamy eyes,perhaps
waiting to downpour my heart,
evening lamps of ruined temple
abruptly blazed by mosaic rays
it was discarded since decades,
divine souls are the flames - - -
the legend illustrates its version,
i feel only after loving you, that
every evening it burns itself
i can hear the holy prayer song
reciting by unknown female voice,
myaterious song drags me
in the ruined, broken, disfigured,
statueless, centuries old temple
weeds, climbers are looked so
beautiful just the lost heaven,
i do not know, mesmerized love or
something disformity has covered
on my persona, i observed each
and every direction, your face - -
blooms as wild flowers desire to
permeate the mountains, forests
a phenomenon which makes the life
so meaningful, i want to fall in
your love persistently in the each birth
after the death too, just love me
beyond the limit of cosmos.
---- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 14 August 2010


that was a humidify sunday
morning glory in full bloom
suddenly an old designed mirror
slipped and broken in multi pieces
foggy sky ,dots of some gray clouds
just moving on the blues as soft
finger prints --or vapour on the glass
collected pieces kept near the vase
it was alone since prolong
perhaps ! it desired flowers
forgotten to close the window
and -- vase fell down on the floor
in the few moments
pieces were multiplied
half written letters,book pages
began fluttering-- strange unusual
may be - - rain lash the town !
or something unexpected episode
to be awaited - - -
whole the noon passed in the dwindelling
no rain,dull, bored day ended at last ,
door bell - - - knocking
with lot of suspicions, open the door
an unknown person raised his hands
"its for you "-- smiling face
a bouquet of red roses - - a slip attached
everlasting deep love  - - - from --
mirror was replaced, new vase decorated
morning glory bloomed again and again
but i didnt find the missing name of that tag,
mysterious fragrance sometimes
remained in the life - - - as touch of
butterfly - - -
- - - shantanu sanyal

Friday, 13 August 2010


uncontaminted graceful valley
misty atmosphere
accompanied with flourish field
somewhere on the stem of the
young tree
once strangers marked "i love you"
whole the mountains thrived
in the monsoon
streams,lakes, water falls
illustrated the love stories,
stranger couples never came back
days, months, years passed
most probably they divided
in the two directions
marked tree is now weak, old
inclined towards the deep valley
a stone is laid by some one
painted by black
"suicide point "
do not go nearer to the valley,
it warns, but wild flowers ---
never stopped the blossom!
--- shantanu sanyal

Love Song from A Vanishing Honeybee

Thursday, 12 August 2010

indifferent destination

the world is different,a massive fire burns
day, night i walk over the unseen a blaze
do not follow the path, avoid the hurting
yourself,still there is a chance to change
the direction,the path goes towards the
slums of lesser god s creation,ugly disfigured
blamed and hated reside there, neither
present nor the future breath here, black
faces move, emotions die before the birth
necked, torn life,a street of unwanted people
a world of left over souls, its difficult my love!
change the mind, leave me alone
the most exploited,used imaginations are
buried here,the grave yard, no memorial,
no tear drpos,symbol less, a land of misfortunate
lesser destiny s children, play hide and seek
and sleep near the skeleton
the darkness of shattered dreams -- extinct
in the far away the dense,mist, miles and miles
beloved !do not love me beyond the expectation
just say good bye, reverse your wet emotions
towards some other destination ---
--- shantanu sanyal 

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

once we were together

tender leaves again appeared
on the necked tree tops
old ugly residues have been broken
germinated new plants are
peeping towards the sun
there once we were together
a rainy moisturized day
foggy, gloomy forest
among the strange wild bloom
walking encloser the lake
calm and waveless
lush blue depth of eyes
pink, white, red flowers
every thing is existed in its place
in authentic,abundent way
life is continued river
after a decade the barks of
tall trees might be changed
but the names are still
visible -- as we marked there.
--- shantanu sanyal

the clouds

blossoming dell,leaning the clouds
i feel your fragrance everywhere
the wild trails go through the
sparkling of your silent eyes
i want to forget the path, just
keep the refuge in your heart,
my love is obsessive to touch
the creased emotions,which are
sleeping on the edges of lips,
the violet dreams enfolded
with hundreds daffodils
let me defuse all the passions,
on the surface of breath
my love is primitive, stripped
just wrap it vigorously
in the circle of your consent
tame my flow of desire
on your smoldering valley
just hold me to quench
the infinite thirst of multi-births
tonight i decided to break
myself in various angles --
for you -- only you !
-- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

tender roses

ecstasy of song and music
twilight to late night
spell of closest moments
broken in the unknown horizon,
its crack of dawn
shattered dreams
sleep on the sea beach,
birds are flying away
in the search of new destination
melted wax,ashes remained on
the surface of wounded heart,
some dew droplets
laying on the eye lashes
oozing wounds
requires some more times
to get the next shock,
picking the pieces of
the broken wine glasses
someone decorated the vase
with tender red roses
arranging the new life as usual
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 9 August 2010

Endless passion

Endless passion

The unbounded love, doesn’t care

The torrential rain, thunder –

Tsunami is lesser before the wild

Emotions, you have to search

Definition of tamed feeling, I know

My feelings are everlasting waves

Desires to touch the undiscovered

Skies, rarest destinations ----

Just touch me, feel the warmth of

Compacted passion, existed since

I looked you first time, the hidden

Desert roses bloomed itself –

I feel that you made for me

No one has the right to divide the

Nectar from the eternal flower –

The bunch of flowers scattered

On the chest, on the lips

Everywhere, just like your smile

Reacts and my limbs feel the

Sensation, what’s mistake, if

I kissed you, nothing the abnormal

Rocks have life too, for soaking

The rain drops after the burning

Himself for centuries ----

Erosion by rapid wind of world

Didn’t smashed my persona

My life is waited for you

Ever since origin of ameba ---

Millions years passed my love

Remained untouched in the

Evolution of emotion

I conserved, saved my dream

To touch you, to submerged you

Inside my heart, body and soul

What’s wrong if our souls and body

Reciprocal and became the equation

It s decided by the nature

No one has the power

To spilt the flow of two streams

Named he and she – colors, shape

Beauty or quality doesn’t matter

Love doesn’t think, it s blind

Ever ending relation wants

To live and die together ---

---- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 8 August 2010

transformed fresco

transformed fresco
multi layered adortion
glorified my fragmented life
thanks you, aknowledged me
and shared the broken sides
frescos were awaited since a long times
to refill the live colours- a meaning
you included me in your life
a sinking boat touched the edge
a dried tree transformed with tender leaves
never thought way of life would be so
beautiful,a healing touch change me
thousands desires are born
with several hopes and dreams
wordless moments strat speech
whenever you hold the hands softly
and said-
life is so beautiful --- just look into
the my eyes, consistently i am forgetting--
that i am on the earth or
walking on the delicate moon rays ---
-- shantanu sanyal


do not ask my identity
a large canvas greater than the sky
from vedas to vivekanand
roots are firmely existed
from the mohenjodaro to kaashi
and branches extended
to all the universe
the ocean deep culture
surviving since creation of cosmos
its easier to demolish the temple
a faith is more powerful
no one can eras from the heart
a giant river is flowing since ancient era
many tributaries came
from different direction
and submerged in it
a unique colourful land
unknown origin and endless flow
evolution of my identification
is beyond the imagination
after the last judgement
or pralay my presence will be certain
no one could be denied it
i am the torch bearer of the next civilization
i am Indian --only Indian
-- shantanu sanyal

The last sink

The last sink

Hang about a moment

My eyes desire to feel you

Just like a passion flower

Gives eternal fragrance

Drop by drop to wind,

Remain touching the chest

Till moon drops into the

Waves of affection ------

Let darkness more cloudy

Lips desire to pick

One by one the hidden

Loves scattered on the

Body in particles of -

Numerous tiny lives,

Breath like a volcano

My persona wants to

Absorb the concealed

Melting beauty –

Loving you till the

The extinction of the earth

It s my last determination

Let the morning wait

Somewhere in the

Back door of horizon,

I want to enter tonight

In the depth of unknown

The unknown ocean ---

--- shantanu sanyal