Thursday, 26 August 2010

the reincarnation

 the reflection of your love,
makes the full moon more
magnificent and closer to
the heart, the emotions
are hidden into the nectar
of night lilies, wants to move
through the nerves to mind
the strokes of your beauty
conducts the experiments,
bit by bit till the widespread
of my body feels the sensation
an unknown compulsion
makes the night heavenly,
my desires depart the layers
as petals unchained its
drowsiness to get the moon
light, droplets of honey dew
i feel, breath, your existance
in the each body parts - - -
in proximity, i relinquished
the masculine, egotistical feel
i love my defeat in your arms,
because the conquest appears -
in your face, and says me
the life is short for an endless
love - - perhaps, the reincarnation
is possible, to love you after demise
i do not know !
- shantanu sanyal