Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Strange messianic touch brings
The rains in midnight, the
The fumes are visible on the
Bamboo forest, full moon floats
On the hazy sky, close to ruins
Of bygone era, who’s agonizing
Voice creates agitation in
Heart, unknown face knocks
The doors, but vanished
Before opening, on the entrance
Kittens play with its shadow,
Now the painful rhythm flows on
The wind, in the far away
The image looks as a big shadow,
Alone with lame legs walking
On the edge of flames, carrying
The coffin of his desires, dreams,
Relation, love, hate, the
Shroud cloth is hanging down to
The surface, touching
All the success, failure, betrayal
Pseudo characters, naked truth
Of life, black and white,
Darkness bark consistently on
Him, from the subversive lanes,
They chase continuously him,
The image exhausts, wants shelter
For the Mesozoic night, but
It extinct with the thirst of peace,
The riddles remained unsolved.