Thursday, 7 October 2010

a candle -burning all the times

beyond the horizon a candle -
burning all the times, did you
remember,once we pledged to
share the elations with suffering-
strange faces, we conversed that
our love would be like jasmine,
universal aroma, no concealed
just like jypsy clouds, no shelter
feathers of beautiful birds said
get our colors to fill the feelings,
coral reefs indicated the the path
for touching the  depth of pain,
i observed,there was the waves
of ocean in to your eyes,willing
to walk on the desert surface,
along with me to disperse the
love, compassion to lamented
eyes, we wanted to exchange the
hurt emotions, let it invigorate
i know, you loved me sincerely
but our love was caged,let it
unshackle, as condensed clouds
desire to down pour in molecules.
-- shantanu sanyal