Monday, 18 July 2011

here all the arrogant thoughts have died,
heart becoming leaves of lotus, glass of
mirror, your love is droplets of dew, it's
glow of pearl, wet sensation of gracious 
charm flows silently through the veins, the
spontaneous perception pulls towards -
the dream, everybody emerging one by 
one with prayer's shadow on the faces, a
blessing's dominance, an origin of love 
in cognizable way appearing before the 
vision, negativeness is loosing the arena,
in the dense gloominess the ray of hope,
showing the path of adoration, somebody 
holds the hand softly, saying do not stop,
just follow the inundation of light, this is the
land of angelic beauty, ours and aliens -
no difference, do not hang back, keep 
continue the journey, towards the cosmic 
friendship, share the conscientious love in
way, entire planet is your beloved person, 
in that miracle moment I found repletion!