Tuesday, 31 May 2011

That bizarre path has no end, it moves
Through the fibrous net with multiple
Fold, numerous points have its own
Sovereign planet, a land of coral reef,
Retinal gateway opens not frequently,
In a life one or two times, emotional
Waves are very delicate, it makes the
Crisscross way as a fragrance of tuber
Rose, night fuses soul and body on the
Bushy chest of moonlit landscape, the
Extreme passion brings us in this point
To follow the path of overall offering,
The midnight rain fills the valley of love,
Stranger but beautiful creeper freely
Moves, explores the seductive origins,
The warmth of breath activates the lost
Link of ecstasy, viscous saliva boosts
Intensity, as lemon drops falls on the
Caustic soda a giant froth lifts up and up,
Meanwhile rain drops falls on the baked
Clay tiles, creates the mysterious but
Passionate sound, clayey, sweating smells
Merges the personas, champagne boils
Vigorously, flows consistently from roof
To the climber of nocturnal bloom, rain
Sustained longer than exchange of breath,
It’s still raining, we stretched the palm
To collect the pearl of gratification, on the
Sky moon is trying to escape from the
Muscles of condensed nomadic clouds,
Roaring noise is slowly becoming weaker
And weaker, sleepy eyes needs new dreams!

Monday, 30 May 2011


After intense summer noon the
The evening brings the spell of rain,
The brief cyclonic clouds finally
Disappears, soggy dusk, the wet
Pinkish beam fills our emotions,
The sluiced ivy leaves, shrunk
Fluff unfolds the wing of passion,
Heart desires to touch your lips, a
Wavy darkness creates the magic,
Persona becomes boondocks, the
Night carries the zest of winy
Fragrance, the eyes convey some
Mystifying conformities, we have
No control on sweet corollaries, it
Opens the trail of pensive valley,
In the sleeping hamlet, dreams
Have turned into drifting wings,
Searching the secret path to enter
Through nerves to mind, a sweet
Motion sings on the spinal cord,
Anxious night doesn’t relax, all the
Time throwing the moonlit web,
The whispering hum of heart beat
Goes deep to deeper, the stoma
Of skin spread out with beautiful
Hidden honey, in the backyard –
Nocturnal bloom abruptly splits the
Cubicle aroma, sweating moments
Converts the compliance of thirst,
Embracing curly climbers in the end
Shares the water drops, from leaves
To twig later trip down the moisture
On the surface of rough roots, the
First light knocks the door constantly,
Sluggish eyes searches the scattered
Layers on the floor, drops of love
Are evergreen never goes to dry, its
Difficult to hide, eternal wet glow,
It sustained in infinite way entire life.