Sunday, 28 November 2010

dreams want to sleep for a while

all familiar faces vanished in a moment
as autumn knocked the doors
the pledge to die together was a
canvas of temporary colors
knitted dreams unfolded, threads
scattered as sweater s performance
now is out dated no more rosy chill
wool roll remained as a toy of kitten
the sun sets behind the easy chair
empty trembling shadows still touching
the bonsai plants, tuber lilies died
leaving the bulbs under the soil who
knows tomorrow, they would be
bloomed or not, the pale leaves are
falling one by one
dreams want to sleep for a while
--- shantanu sanyal


prejudice made me dynamic
i colored the sky with mosaic
flowers have no monopolies
decorated the poem of life with
crystals of defeat and victories
the planet is framed in smaller
since you looked from window
i have door less hanging nests
no apprehension for cyclones
the tremor of emotion failed
here i lived on burning craters
dreams are not untouchables !
i break the myth, touched the
stranger but divine blue eyes.
--- shantanu sanyal

beyond the imiginations

the virtue and sin the two faces
goes parallel in the life, definition
is created by the doctrines of men
nobody knows prophecy after death
survival was the reality, in the end
both hands would be empty that s
the ultimate truth, its differ that i
desired to rule the planet, ambitions
indicated me whole the life about
the glassy bridge across the river
of deep valleys, rocks and serpents
touching the sky was only dream
my aim was beyond the imiginations
-- shantanu sanyal