Saturday, 4 June 2011

Several incomplete expectations
Frequently haunts the life,
Meaning of early morning dream
Was shadow of date – palm,
Respiring for some moment was
Not so easy, unwillingly a lot of
Compromise didn’t permit me to
Fill the empty sketch it’s unlike
That I tried to conceal the wetness
Of eyes, on the pavement of
Metro I have seen the auction of
Immature emotion prior to the
Ripe, the unsung faces over looked
By the crowd however they lifted
The weak hands before sink, I
Often think to forget that scream
Of pain, a pathetic appeal for
Survival, a broken breath, the
Crawling infancy on the melted
Coal tar highway, the exhausting
Youthfulness hammering the stones
In the quarry, I tried to read the
Language of their eyes, sunburn
Body, skeleton chest, twisted
Physique has no whine, the wordless
Passer – by had no time to think
A moment, perhaps they were the
Dust of pre-monsoon, later settle
Down on the surface, skyscrapers
Are engaged by glittering dream, the
Weeping emotions are searching a
Shelter for only one night, though
Foundation stone had promised
Once to the mason that meaning of
Morning dreams, but they didn’t
Understand until the torrential rain,

Nothing would be change, buddy
Continuation is the synonymous
Of life, my presence among the
Constellation of stars was a nebula,
It would be faded in light of dawn,
Soapsuds carry the tiny rainbows,
In extreme flow bubbles turned
To zero, vacuity waits since genesis,
Unknown is the end of breath,
Vague spot has no certainty to meet
Again in a beautiful turning point,
We looked jointly the dream of bliss,
In the mist, and lit the candles of
Emotion, tried to defend from the
Wind, the gap of fingers sometimes
Betrayed too, some moments of love
Were pigeons, endeavored to keep
Those near to heart, but it had flown!
Enthralled palms unfolded naively,
Hands lingered empty as the destiny,
Nothing was the matter of proud,
Shared a little of pain or happiness in
The life, probably self-approval was
More, difficult was to leave egotism,
At least tried to love some others too,
Experienced a miracle in willingly
Defeat, before ambitious, innocent
Faces, it’s unlike might be but given a
Hidden happiness, receded the envy,
A realization to feel the pain of your
Heart, emotion didn’t care the meaning
Of self-existence, nobody has seen
Wet eyelashes under the spectacles,
This feeling never let me to die, that
I love to see only the face of smile!

The nor'easter
The exceptional manner, your
Inclusion, first near to heart
Later little by little, nearer to
Torso, in amazing way a hiking
To proscribed bristly waist line,
Under duress of passion the
Clouds had no choice to melt,
On the sleepy mountains often
Fire made the deep sequence,
On moonlit riverbed, dreams
Strolled bare feet, holding hands
We achieved to horizon line,
The moon sank into the shadow
Of towering waves, ocean
Left the coast by immersing all
The coralline, steep ancient rocks,
Sand terrains, abandoned boats,
The living cavities of coral reef,
Bubbles of pleasure breathed
Leisurely from the body and soul,
Tiny blooms or fine sand particles,
Brackish skin, smoky emotion
Drowsy eyes, unwrapped sky, we
Gazed the scattering of galaxy night,
The nor'easter passed in its way,
Espousal moments remained intact!