Saturday, 4 June 2011

Nothing would be change, buddy
Continuation is the synonymous
Of life, my presence among the
Constellation of stars was a nebula,
It would be faded in light of dawn,
Soapsuds carry the tiny rainbows,
In extreme flow bubbles turned
To zero, vacuity waits since genesis,
Unknown is the end of breath,
Vague spot has no certainty to meet
Again in a beautiful turning point,
We looked jointly the dream of bliss,
In the mist, and lit the candles of
Emotion, tried to defend from the
Wind, the gap of fingers sometimes
Betrayed too, some moments of love
Were pigeons, endeavored to keep
Those near to heart, but it had flown!
Enthralled palms unfolded naively,
Hands lingered empty as the destiny,
Nothing was the matter of proud,
Shared a little of pain or happiness in
The life, probably self-approval was
More, difficult was to leave egotism,
At least tried to love some others too,
Experienced a miracle in willingly
Defeat, before ambitious, innocent
Faces, it’s unlike might be but given a
Hidden happiness, receded the envy,
A realization to feel the pain of your
Heart, emotion didn’t care the meaning
Of self-existence, nobody has seen
Wet eyelashes under the spectacles,
This feeling never let me to die, that
I love to see only the face of smile!