Tuesday, 18 October 2011


write in the sky some opportune warbles,
life is addled, to invent some new 
genesis, which can be able 
to communicate purity 
in the inner heart,
it's not the 
its needed strong intention to decorate 
the whole world with  bonafides,
In lieu of some prick, if we 
we could give few 
as touching before to roses, thorns -
recognizes realism of pain to
us, just feel the depth of 
red hydrous eyes, 
everyone lives
for self, 
one day at least, heart wants to live -
for someone else, in somebody's 
life if we can admix, color and
light,may be for few jiff, 
life to be shared,
with a bluing
let then, decorate the twilight with 
colorful clouds, sub bloom 
cluster of night jasmines 
are waiting eagerly 
to get your nice


In the guild of celestial world every
luminary has its own specialty,
multitude of stars makes
the beauty of night sky,
they haven’t the
complexion to make an individual –
out of cluster, stardust inspires
often to me, staring the
immensity, depth of
space, I love to
see the world with same revelation,
away from all the diversity, live
souls are floating on the blue
of survival, unidentified
emotional bond have
kept them in
entirely intact as illuminating pearls,
sequence of heart beating goes
in the homogeneous way,
miseries, pleasures
shadow and light
up down of
life goes as blinking dew drops on the
hanging spider web, in midnight
sky looks like the Semitic
calligraphically -
designed art of shrines, sometimes
it emerges as symbolic feeling
of oriental statue, I couldn’t
get the dissimilarity
between their
joie de vivre,
all the sentiments are knitted delicately
in a bunch of tuberose or into the
breath stem , gazing sky with
desire to scatter the
sweet fragrance
of life,
perception have no authority here to
make the lines on the flow of
humankind, all the live soul,
in the last proceeds
towards the
one only destination of love, a path
of supreme adoration.