Wednesday, 29 September 2010

one deastination to other

i waited for you, since the moment of promise
adjacent the lake of new born pink lotus,
moon sank in the blues before midnight
shadows of trees disappeared slowly-
i searched you, in the echoes of darkness,
in the fast asleep emotional rain forest
ring of saturn was all my dreams, you
extinct in the galaxies of luxurious life,
the lines of palm had rejected the amity
i found myself a margin left over on the
epic of love, as written by your deep eyes,
hostility is performed by the society in
his way, my persona was an isolated land
i waited for you, for few drops of water
as, passion flowers of terrace wanted to
climb up some more stairs of life, all the
endeavor to get back your love, i roamed
persistently one  deastination to other ,
as the clouds of desert, i did not see you
anywhere - - -
--- shantanu sanyal