Thursday, 28 April 2011


Wherever you would be
As an echo, my love will float,
Concealing the emotion,
Excusing the sickness, the
Glow of eyes, mysterious
Smile, an agitation would be
Appear in your silent face,
Unwillingly my name on
The lips will disclose all the
Story, deceiving to self is
Not so easy, under your own
Steam, the floor will break,
The misty emotion travels
Across the persona, it may be
Create mystification, how
Could be you manage sweet
Torment, moonlight will
Fill the salinity on the tender
Wounds, cold breathing,
Helplessness, searching in the
Zeros a dream of lost paradise,
I don’t know, how could be
The dark night will overtake by
You, in loneliness, shadow will
Ask you the reason of distress,
Answering is so difficult my
Dear, you can’t die, living would
Be also hard, how you can be
Face the condition of heart
Just think, before accepting the
Proposal of my love, a burning
Path is ahead my beloved.


Neither origin nor conclusion,
A flow moves subversive
Inner the perception,
A simple arithmetic that says
If my existence is before
You, it means whole the planet
Moves in its rotation,
All the logic created for self
Importance, the rope of
Breathing holds the beauty of
Life, heart beating flows
On the flowers, valleys, sea,
Desert, cascades, moon,
Sun, galaxies, stars because
I’m surviving, feeling emotion of
Wet eyes, mind is unstable,
As a Child picks beautiful cactus
Spiny touch is inevitable, the
Complicated definition is
In your eyes, my adoration has
Widespread outlook, don’t
Try to make the boundaries, here
No fear to loss, I didn’t lock
The doors, windows have no panes,
Let anyone to be included,
The soul’s congregation is tonight
The oath ceremony to be attend
By everybody no favoritism
Condition is just easy, have you
Tear drops in your eyes,
Could you walk on the flames?
Carrying the cross on the shoulders,


This is fresh grief for you
Just my corporal planet is
Lit to fire, I know, it’s short term
Commotion, gradually nature
Would fill the wounds, the
Brittle pages of biography, one day
It will be scrap, I know the
Limit of dripping eyes,
Mirror wouldn’t accept it, no
Other way, you have to release the
Affection, existence, and missing
Are the parts of life,
Living together was beautiful,
Past doesn’t chase for longer time,
The train has passed rapidly
Dying sensation has left over on
The iron trail, slowly vibration
Calm down, the knitted floral lace
Of love would be dry, memories
Are negative photos, just
Keep inside the book and forget it,
The dust over the bud vase
Says life is beautiful just wipe down
And redecorate me, nobody in
The world wants to waste
The life for others, realities are
Truth, I know, one day the blank
Space would be filling, transitory
Emptiness has no meaning,
Tuber roses has a boundary for
Scattering the sweet fragrance after
Sometimes it becomes paper bloom,