Tuesday, 7 December 2010


resurrection of desires said that
life is short to produce the new
creations, nature is provocative,
streams want to dam up the wave
as wilderness would be submerged,
the new dreams required space to
grow some tender emotional plants,
in the vicinity of passion i arranged
abundantly seeds of friendship, let
them to be germinated with love,
snow layers began to dissolve , tiny
wild blooms woke up after the long
sleep, sky sprayed the soft rays of
hope, let invite the peace messenger
to fetch the nectars of brotherhood,
the planet has lot of barren land, its
time to fill the heart with lovely honey,
life desires some more days to see
the world standing together to resist
law breakers of garden,here let them
purify the rusted surface of humanity,
smiles are eager to stretch the wing of
peace,harmonious co existence says
let make the world more favorable to stay,
-- shantanu sanyal


perfectionist is the myth i did not get
a single person in the life, to say
the complete human without the
flaw, but my faith is stubborn kid
followed a line of investigation, my
thirst revived always to get another
source of quest of absolute chaste,
whom i considered my destiny maker
the persona exploited me silently,
the dreams had the invisible wings too
when eyes were unfolded i found
some one utilized the innocent trust,
later my perception rejected my
decision to follow the magical shadow,
i confessed my mistakes to chase
behind the fantasies, nothing is made
in the world with complete purity,
inside the beautiful structure, reality
not more than the skeleton of bones,
breathing in this moment is the only
truth, and thats  the perfect object after
exhausting required to everlasting sleep,
here my egos surrender the truth,
---- shantanu sanyal

the soul to soul association,

love fountains have no boundaries
just like stubborn baby, wants to play
with newly arise full moon, let it
reflects in the crystal clear pure heart,
playing with the moon is dream
let me touch to your heart eagerly like
a kid touches the moon in the bowl
the physical beauty is temporary
please sometimes go through the soul,
for pleasure of few seconds do not
break the whole branch of blossoms,
love me beyond the imagination but
dear do not try to tame me in the cage,
just feel my existence in your persona
its the unique hermaphrodite of passion,
the soul to soul association, believe me
my dear, its the extreme contentment ,
long and everlasting fusion of rare perfume,
---- shantanu sanyal


loosing to some one in the life is not only
grief in the life my friend, some
broken stars have no sky though
they have illuminated before extinction,
loving to some one is not only one
ultimate destination, its a new genesis
of emotion to experience others pain,
wishing to merge the heart
in stranger s miseries indicates that
our existence has some meaning too,
the vast valley converted in blossom
the overshadowed some plants have
lost their identification, eyes moved
only above the brilliant colors, left over
some blooms never to be reached to maturity
we did not really become a Santa, though
lesser destiny s buds raised the petals
the flow of love had been dried or-
our self centered, circle prohibited them
we did not feel the moisture of eyes
actually we never loved any one by heart
just outer layers appealed us for passion
how to explain my friend, there is a massive
unexplored planet of life in side the chest
dilution of love made us only for corporal
pleasure, we just excavated the body,
did not reach in the depth of love valley.
--- shantanu sanyal