Tuesday, 7 December 2010


perfectionist is the myth i did not get
a single person in the life, to say
the complete human without the
flaw, but my faith is stubborn kid
followed a line of investigation, my
thirst revived always to get another
source of quest of absolute chaste,
whom i considered my destiny maker
the persona exploited me silently,
the dreams had the invisible wings too
when eyes were unfolded i found
some one utilized the innocent trust,
later my perception rejected my
decision to follow the magical shadow,
i confessed my mistakes to chase
behind the fantasies, nothing is made
in the world with complete purity,
inside the beautiful structure, reality
not more than the skeleton of bones,
breathing in this moment is the only
truth, and thats  the perfect object after
exhausting required to everlasting sleep,
here my egos surrender the truth,
---- shantanu sanyal