Friday, 14 January 2011


the world of heart is undefined,
tried to love again and again, but
the craving to get whole the sea
thirst looks like the vast Sahara,

i meandered as the ashen billows
the flock of cranes talked with me,
the desert lilies, cactus bloomed on
the surface, tear drops not wasted, i
loved each and every face, dark, light
ugly, beautiful i did not make the lines,

my adoration has no sex prejudice, i
loved all the creations mammals, avian
flowers, thorns the endless names, the
physical contentment was not my only
destination, i searched bliss into stones,

fossilized natural arts appealed me for
exploration, i did not keep my emotions
in the fence, my love is stripped beauty,
no concealed, truth does not need layers,
the flower has to bloom, fragrance is
liberal, it has to scatter with the winds,

i searched endless love in the hearts
of living, non living creations, i felt
the life has very less leaflets to collect
the dew drops, in the short bravura night
desires have everlasting thirst unfulfilled,