Sunday, 9 January 2011


in the marigold genesis of sky
the sun is squirmy to rise, flora
and fauna have curiosity to alter
their drowsiness, i am waiting
for you,near the mist inhaling
lagoon, in the edge, abandoned
broken wooden boat,half sank
looking just like my heart, laced
amid aquatic pink, white lilies,
weeds, shadow of shrubberies,
flourishing into the olive green
stable flow, poetries are emerged
after listening your footsteps,
silently your fingers touched the
back, the pleasures of heart skids
beautifully in to the water and
dreams began floating on surface,
fragrance moments reminded
the flowers were eager to bloom
since long time,as they waited for us,
after meeting with you i gone astray,
its evening or dawn, i do not know!