Friday, 1 April 2011


At this juncture of preamble,we have
nothing to veil,as the terrain of life is
eroded by river,or land grab the flow !
the togetherness shaped the way to
determine all curved intention in life
do you think that it is easier to stroke
the clear canvas without imagination!
some fallow land,may be abondoned
by time,seeds were evolved to tender
sprout,tiny buds have to flourish,feel
of affection fills the cheerfulness,the
shadow of clouds, nothing than
simply gazing to your face,loving looks
brings the heart on surfaces of moist,I
do not linger for rainy nights,in
this exhausted twilight,I can feel the
aroma of clay in the placid wind,
this blending moment of emotion says
something is growing step by step
between us, an anonymous sensitivity
a meaning to live together,a desire to
to touch the unknown destnation,I do not
know precisely the mood of evening sky
colors, love mingles in elite way tonight.