Friday, 22 April 2011


Who has gone after beautifying
The arena of heart in this
Lovely twilight leaving touch of
Red roses, sparse of aesthetic
Flamboyant clouds, fumes
Are raising toward the sky, isn’t
Cold flames existed beneath
The dry leaves, sleepy mountains
Don’t know the raison d'ĂȘtre
Why heart is beating in a way that
I’m flattering absent mind,
I don’t know what I’m searching
What I have lost, the mirror is
Before me, reflection wandering
In some other planet, have -
You seen the vanishing vapor of
Emotion, it was just here on
The edge of petals as a raindrop
On the tip of lacy leaf, God knows
Its drip down or someone absorbed
Who has given me a profound
Thirst, I’m chasing the shadow or
Trying to create a dream, an
Indication, a clap, a passionate call
Attracts all the time, somebody
Makes me awake in the deep sleep
By kissing on the forehead, or
Keeping delicate fingers on the lips
I don’t want to leave the bed,
Unfold the eyes, as a myth says
Night ending dream to be converted
In the realism, let me to addict more.


Nostalgia of your proximity
Never ends its recreates desires
As a cluster of jasmine, a bunch
Of wet emotions, I touch
Moreover, feel whiff of adoration
Your breath passes touching
The perception, spurs the
Sleeping feeling, to love you in
Astonishing way that dried
Barren plateau of life to be learn
To grow the saffron, to seed
The dreams make the portrayal of
Anonymous blooming flowers
Your purity of heart gives me often
Energy to germinate the new
Imagination for filling the colors on
Ashy sky, I lured the moon, galaxy
Provoked the midnight aurora
To create the panoramic passion, I
Appealed to nature to sustained
The beauty for your attraction
I loved to see you smiling whole the
Life, in will I have been written
Your name though I haven’t except
The delicate heart s possession
Some brittle pages of verses, inscribed
With blood, few lines of emotions
That’s all I have kept for you
Truly, I didn’t wish to get the name
Fame, money, divinity my life
Is derived from you, ends without
Any doubt to you, only you.


I looked you first time
On the slanting stairs of wild
Trails at the hill station, laughing
In a group of colleagues
As a waterfalls falling down
Among the crystal gleam
I lost the heart in first sight, eyes
Were restless to see you
Again, in the moonless
Sky I hunt your face on the
Numinous world of stars, but you
Were busy in the bonfire
Next day in early morning we
Encounter to each other near the
Safari bus, everybody were busy to
View flora and fauna, river
Valley, thick forest, birds, mammals
I searched you in the cluster
Of wild bloom, near the
Cool cascade, in the calls of birds
On the surface of soft rays
Before the sun set, I consistently
Explored your presence,
Beneath the shadow of tree
On the petals of water lilies, in the
Prismatic dewdrops, everywhere
Next day, when I reached to
Railway platform, one train was
Geared up to depart, to some
Other destination, suddenly I found
Your face, standing on the door
You were waving the hand - - - -