Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Confession

The Confession

Ignorance of your profound love

I couldn’t recognize the depth-

And roamed through the shallow

Waters, life didn’t satisfy me-

My endless search for cerebral peace

Carried me from one place to other,

I changed the relations, every night

As changing the costumes,

Seasons has executed his role nicely

When I looked my image in to the

Life-sized mirror, found myself stripped

It was to late, grey haired face

Wrinkles lines, dried chest-----and

Half burned cigarettes, empty wine-

Glasses, didn’t want to release me,

I know, the passed moments wouldn’t

Come back, but doors are opened

As I fear to the loneliness.

Some desires never ends-

Some dreams are longer than the life.

---Shantanu Sanyal