Monday, 4 April 2011

Broken pieces of wings

Lighthouse, mass suicide of termites!
In the tip of cape, mariners anchored
The yacht, as in the eastern sky, density
Of clouds inciting rain to down pour,
Trembling window panes, seductive wet
Winds, fanatical candle flames, some
Bunch of red roses, in the finger tips mark
Of piercing thorn, covered pain by your
Colored lips, final touch to floral bed sheet!
Wiping the mirror, touching bulges of self
Muscles, atypical perception waiting
For you, unlocked doors, squirmy eyes!
At the door, footstep breaks obsession
Removing the raincoat, kissing lips had
No chance to say, the saga of heart,
Across the window glass, it was raining
Moisturized darkness, mysterious
Affectionate moment, termites get the
Delicate, glassy wings for one night
Empty vodka glasses, half burn cigarettes
Smokes went up, disappeared, the
Shower proof coat dried, beneath it
Remained wet floor, humid body did not
Attached for prolong, anchored loosed
Cyclonic waves liberated yacht, sailor
Drunk slept, rain had no relax, whole the
Night termites played suicidal excitement!
The first ray of sun delayed the voyage
As mariner missed the yacht, he ran
Shouted, cried, and did not trace the yacht!
Torrential rainy night, submerged beach,
Vanished light house, semi nude mariner
Searched the familiar raincoat, to cover his
Body, dreams were floating on the foams,
Slowly he touched wounded limbs, nail
Bite cuts; lifted the saline water of sea
Splashed on the chest, refreshed the life
Turmoil waves receding gradually
Still broken wings are visible down the
Waist, he smiles, wipes by injured fingers!


Nothing remains forever, changing is the
Part of life, earth, sky, water, flame, age
Left the desirability, obsession, life has
Less necessities, in the way of sun set,
Expectation died itself, persona becomes
A puppet, string holder is smiling, invisible!
Paying the dues was intention, as I stayed
Shared my individuality, corporal, cordial
Known unknown faces, traveling together
Loved someone or dramatized relation
Disagreement, disloyalty loitered in hearts
Used, utilized, calculation concealed
Unsolved, cord of life restricted by other
Planet, how to blame the alcohol, mind
Knows the fatality, heart loves you though
Climax is suffocated, end moves towards
New destination, in fact everybody loves
Him first, the secondary preference goes
Forever to next, by birth we are actors
Nature teaches an infant to cry, draw
Attention, physical necessity grows the
Mind, muscles, extra desires to get as much
As, exchange of emotion, swapping of
Pleasure, all sensations are self-centered!
The outer layer of character is nothing
Than camouflage to hide the reality, in
Isolation everyone wants to see him as a
New born kid, completely exposed, this
Curiosity is the extreme love for life, a desire
To be Alpha male, a passion to be beautiful
Feminine, in the high tide graphs have no limit
In the low tide human is helpless, no other way, 
excepting defeat brings towards divinity