Sunday, 28 August 2011

Before the storm subsides
just now, life came to the agreement, just
now you taught me, the style of living in the
rising dust storm, sinking all the apathy, the
flowers are blooming, fatigue life emerging
into the wet dreams, let me breath little for
a second,  intoxicated evening drags near
to you, incense desires floating on the wind,
those all the denounces charged by the -
society, tonight I accept all the blames, just
now life knew to surmount on the cross of
love, before the holocaust heart's cognition,
says - beyond the dream, there is inhabited
another world, soft sun ray of day break,
lightly, strokes the twisted dusty hairs, life
wants to sleep on the shade of compliments,
on the lap of your blessing, life is looking
the early childhood, that's your face, bears
the fruit of divine light, and that's feminism,
regenerates my existence, in those moment
did I want to touch, and love you, on those
exquisite period, I wouldn't care the shame,
rain, cyclone, forest fire, like furious black buck!