Sunday, 31 October 2010

do not ask my friend
how was my life after
you left over my fingers
i searched in all the faces
crowds laugh on me
i called your name
echoes missed the way
touched the raindrops
when i opened my eyes
smokes covered the mountains
dreams have been lost the way
but flowers didnt forget to bloom
-- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 29 October 2010


its different perception
i looked you in the reflection
of water, first ray of sunlight
stream was stable though your
image floated over, the pure smile
scattered in the green environment
flowers were bloomed in vivid colours
fragrances filled the heart with new
freshness, as dreams began to fly
its love or butterfly -- i do not know?
-- shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 14 October 2010


as an octopus, relations changed

its color, camouflaged the persona,

convoluted, ersatz characters are

the part of life, how to release from

the web, thats the real question,

today your destiny touches the sky

robust wings, not so everlasting,

may be next moment, unable to fly

tried to satisfy everybody, at last

eyes were moisturised, nothing to

say in the journey of life,who and

how some one would be the best

companion, in the way, stoppages

are inevitable, changing of seasons

is thw absolute truth, nobody could

predict the mood of cloudy sky,

in th flowering valley anonymous

blossoms completed the circle

of life, dried after fragranced the

ecosystem, memories changed

and became the beautiful dreams,

in wings of butterflies, i

have written the poetries of love

may be you touched, some marks

remained on fingers, some wiped

away by the waterfalls of life,

some droplets of smile, or few

crystals of eyes, i collected, in my

possession nothing is left to give

you, my friend as the gift of adoration.

-- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

the sanctuary

the sanctuary given by you in the
torrential rainy night of monsoon,
knowingly that i am a soldier of
rival country, applied the medicine
on my multiple wounds, i had seen
the flow of benevolence in your
eyes, my hostility changed the path,
in the morning, allegation raised
by the monastery, they declared you
as traitor, i had looked a divine light
in your innocent face, you accepted
silently the venom bowl, but did not
disclose my hide out, my died ethics
woke up, i surrendered my self before
the mass, i recited-
buddham sharnam gachhami
shangam sharnam gachhami
after that i observed your image
remained in the heart forever -
-- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


heart is reached in some distinct
stranger habitat, something unique
untouched territory of nature,
cloudy mountains, lush green jungle
i could hear the sound of waterfalls,
from far away, virgin wild flowers
intact aroma flying in the gentle wind
creepers trying to climb the tree
falling down again and again, as wind
touching the tender stem softly but
delicate emotions desire to embrace
the awning, here life is free from all
the relations, just wants to exposed
the hidden ambitions, my heart wants
to say loudly - i am wild, do not touch me .
the inclined life, as the soft winter noon,
contacts were bloomed, in the morning
i had recieved fragranced greetings, how
to say, dreams are ended in the horizon,
your weary face waits for new creations,
i would be happy, night lilies will bloom,
evening says- just keep some little space
in the heart, sunflowers nodded the stems,
may be darkness has a longer expedition
i know, but somewhere dawn is awaited
in your closeness life revives beautifully.
do not ask to me, how the bridge
is collapsed, soundless, slowly the
city of blessing sunk into the gulf
raising hands of emotion couldnt
reach to the life boats, you were far
away, near the edge, i accepted the
destiny, and hidden myself forever
i found peace, a silence benieth
thanks to you, for leaving the hand
dream is broken before the dawn.
subversive flow of a torrent
eroded the rocky bank, later
you compromised with me
though the beautiful moments are
no longer remained in the eyes,
life looks across the memories
you image mixed in to the
speedy waves, residues changed
the colors, i pathched the emotion,
any how, once you loved to me
i shunned, touching the old pages
let it extinct itself in lap of time.
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 11 October 2010


seismic behavior is very easy to
tear down the beautiful creations,
formation of elegant, nimble art
needed a prolong dedication, as
consecutive emotions go through
to love a symbol,face for decades
statue becomes live before the faith
why not the living organism to be
tamed, love has the solution, just
apply that, wilderness has not only
one sided, softness is always hidden
under the aggression, explore the
profundity of the termoil ocean,
precious gems are abundant in the
heart,loving touch is essential to
get the extraction of perfumes,
blossom desires caring hands,
silence sometimes says numerous
a smoke goes up, makes obscure
sequence of reality appears itself,
in the darkness pain increases axis
mirror becomes active, secrets go
through the depth of heart, egos
challenge the persona,the soul wants
liberation from the pseudo image,
answering to own, is the most difficult
process, but it s needed sometimes
self purification brings the winter
with marvelous blossom of thought,
perception of love has no boundary
i never tried to make it limited, narrow
that's your determination,how to
describe the depth of emotion,
-- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 10 October 2010


ancient exodous taught us
to live in peace,adoration
near the bank of the life river,
migration brought us closer to
each other, to feel the pain,
whirlwind silently moved to
some other direction, a will
among us sustained, we made
the new shelters, persistently
emotional planta were grown,
dreams decorated to desires
leaves, buds, flowers emerged
we exchanged the eye dialects
touched the heart with love,
later created the perfumed land
with beautiful colors, flavors
imiginations were converted
on the reality, sparrows were
inspired, accepted co-existence,
moon pleased, dispersed the
milky light with full generosity,
since i searched your image in
side the eternal depth of heart,
-- shantanu sanyal

lovely icon

unveiled today my love before

the world, why you depressed

circle of life has unlimited rings,

may be an object for an individual

whirling emotions move in speed

centred to an unseen lovely icon,

perhaps you looked only one color

heart stirred with mosaic shades,

my destinations were not estimated

valleys, flowers, rivers, sea, moon

i know them, feel too, life doesn t

wants to hang around visions only,

internal eyes performed its

role gracefully, i found a beam

piercing to the soul for liberation,

appealing to embrace the ugly

faces, oozing wounds, to give them

some hopes, i refuse to my desire,

accepted the penalties in true love

to follow the path of authencity

i left the familiar trail, let the

destiny has to decide the result,

-- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 9 October 2010

internal eyes

unveiled today, my love before
the world, why you depressed?
circle of life has unlimited rings
looks an object for an individual,
whirling emotions move in speed
centered to an unseen lovely icon,
perhaps you looked only one colour
heart stirred with mosaic shades,
my destinations were not estimated
valleys, flowers, rivers, sea, moon
i know them, feel too, life doesn t
want to hang around to visions only,
internal eyes have performed its
role gracefully, i found a beam
piercing through the soul for liberation,
appealing to embrace the ugly
faces, oozing wounds, to give them
some hopes, i refuse to my desires,
accepted penalties in true love,
to follow the path of authentic
i left the familiar trail, let the
destiny has to decide the ultimate
consequences ---
-- shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 7 October 2010

a candle -burning all the times

beyond the horizon a candle -
burning all the times, did you
remember,once we pledged to
share the elations with suffering-
strange faces, we conversed that
our love would be like jasmine,
universal aroma, no concealed
just like jypsy clouds, no shelter
feathers of beautiful birds said
get our colors to fill the feelings,
coral reefs indicated the the path
for touching the  depth of pain,
i observed,there was the waves
of ocean in to your eyes,willing
to walk on the desert surface,
along with me to disperse the
love, compassion to lamented
eyes, we wanted to exchange the
hurt emotions, let it invigorate
i know, you loved me sincerely
but our love was caged,let it
unshackle, as condensed clouds
desire to down pour in molecules.
-- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

the unseen destination

the pigeon flock is on the move
vast blues fascinated them to fly
some silvery clouds desire to stay
as unknown accord between us
says- let the blossom spread out,
the silky sun light of after noon
resting on the bougainvillea herbs,
in your proximity, dreams reborn
your persona reshaped swiftly as
touch me not- tiny flowers with full
passion, i looked you with stable
eyelashes, scented twilight walked
slowly under your inclined face,
the delicate lips wanted to hide the
emotions,sweet smile unfolded all,
i know, your heart is restless, desire
to listen my beutiful approach, in the
darkness i said- love you, softly
you move the face towards tuber-
lillies, i saw they gradually open the
petals,fragranced moments dragged
us, and we lost the unseen destination.
-- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

mystic blossom

indefinite was the destnation, but
we reached together in the valley
of dreams, a divine perception was
forced to accept the reality of life,
here, every thing is molded in a single
color of compassion, the path of love
and sacrifice, faces are irrelevant just
a slight inclination to stretch the hand,
embracing the painful emotions, keeping
the piece of cooton, dipped into the love,
wounds have uniformed feelings, please
feel it, the hidden pleasure of injured
face says, somewhere ray of hope is --
surviving still, to pick up the teardrops
we surrendered, all the egos to get
real pleasure of life, a sweet smile, for
sharing all miseriesof someone, we
detached the self interests, in search of
a mystic blossom, could be appeared
on the heart of sahara, one day we all
would be love to each other, like the
abundant flowers of eden, blooming
together, sharing the nectar in combined.
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 4 October 2010

in search of peace

in search of peace, tranquality
searched the life eagerly all over,
my conscience looked your image
in side the heart with full swing
your angelic touch changed the life
and i began to analyze myself,
all the negative emotions were
altered, shaped to multi dimensional
bloom of unknown flower, tender, full
of fragrance, a deep feeling to love
the planet with new experiences,
violence changed in form of kid s
smile, desires surrender the lust,
i felt myself a person of new birth,
the flames of revolt slow down
bitterness diluted, harmonious
songs of adoration tuned itself,
unseen flow merged my egos -
i crossed the line of fear to accept
that your love made me human,
i do not know the classification
of love, i am far away from you
and unable to see your existence,
but i believe my soul is near to you.
-- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 3 October 2010

lamp of temple

the hills had have its own story 

you made it in the blue mountain,

because distance changed the

visions are not always reality, please

come nearer to my heart, just feel

the pain of throbbing, a graph of 

emotions goes up down as waves flow

on the chest of wild rivers, all the

uncertainity to loose your

didnt allow me to sleep entire

flying pale leaves on the winds,

autumn is knocking the doors

some pieces of gray clouds in the

few lovely flowers in the bare

as desires are ornamented by

i know, your love is changed the

is it possible to break the

all along the path, my shadows are

illuminated the flame to show the

did it easy to derecognize the

the beating of my heart banded your

emotions, you couldnt go far away

i trust, you would come back again,

here, my love is endless candle,

it knows burning as lamp of temple.

--- shantanu sanyal





Saturday, 2 October 2010

the completeness

expectations to get the completeness
of love, you deluded all the emotions
my commitments are deep rain clouds,
to cover all the arid land of life, i desire
to break myself numerous times to fill
the hollowness of hearts including you,
my love has no prejudice, you ask to
conscience, release me to fly as a bird,
the beauties of planet offered me love
flowers glamourized my persona, ocean
rivers,valleys hypnotized my passion,
i submitted all the physical vigor to you,
just let me liberate from the whirl of
affection, my heart is restless for strange
world of survival, i want to love again to
them who has been left behind far away,
may be you couldnt feel, the echoes ---
coming from the long destination in pieces,
some faces overshadowed by the world
few suffocated feelings want to breathing,
in the lap of stripped nature, as a fetus
impatient to see the light, new experience,
i want to break the promise my beloved
let me live for some more days, please --
-- shantanu sanyal