Thursday, 14 October 2010


as an octopus, relations changed

its color, camouflaged the persona,

convoluted, ersatz characters are

the part of life, how to release from

the web, thats the real question,

today your destiny touches the sky

robust wings, not so everlasting,

may be next moment, unable to fly

tried to satisfy everybody, at last

eyes were moisturised, nothing to

say in the journey of life,who and

how some one would be the best

companion, in the way, stoppages

are inevitable, changing of seasons

is thw absolute truth, nobody could

predict the mood of cloudy sky,

in th flowering valley anonymous

blossoms completed the circle

of life, dried after fragranced the

ecosystem, memories changed

and became the beautiful dreams,

in wings of butterflies, i

have written the poetries of love

may be you touched, some marks

remained on fingers, some wiped

away by the waterfalls of life,

some droplets of smile, or few

crystals of eyes, i collected, in my

possession nothing is left to give

you, my friend as the gift of adoration.

-- shantanu sanyal