Saturday, 10 December 2011

wanted to include all the color of
nature I didn’t rest a moment,
moved from one place to
other, got abundant
thorn sometimes
pierced tip of disrespect couldn’t
stop the migration, I flew with
the wrecked wings above
the forest fire, beneath
the shadow of clouds,
my destination was
on the feet of that
crucified icon,
silent but
communicating a lot by the stable
eyes, the language of cleric
was mysterious, just left
over the psalm of glory,
tried to recognize the
inner expression of
homeless man,
sitting alone,
beside the deserted road of winter
night, shared, may belittle some
dream or a hope for morning,
around the burning woods
called all the angelic
soul to feel the
quivering life,
I don’t know, how much was their
concern regarding the miseries,
but before the day break,
few drops were visible
under the inclined
eyelashes, with
wet eyes
they left the surface, now sun
rays underlined the blessing,
life once again is on the
track, running, flying
the thin cotton
of hope on