Tuesday, 8 February 2011


fictional relation has limited space
fleeting moments gives rapid bliss,
mutual accord brings us near the bed,
how much you have explored the body
the deepness of soul stayed behind or
you had gone through the exceptions!

the accomplishment of night, left over
diverse questions, here imagination are
died the natural death, have you seen
the truth, touched the leprosy full chest,
the dreams of findings broken in sharpen
piercing edge, tear droplets were pearl
or water! hard to analyze the purity,

nodding face searched floor as amazing
object lost somewhere under the dust,
looking the flames from far away seems
more beautiful, experiencing the ignition
is just like self seeing the hidden limbs!
in the mirror of life, dodging to own image
and the mirage of arid land are interlinked,
self betrayal is impossible, the concealed
truth follows the persona whole the life.