Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Darkness of night wraps the squeals
in the citadel of life becomes silence!
on ruined walls, fresco breathe alone,
the last desire to get the justice, some
privileges to renovation, saline wet -
wind is exposed by sea, it absorbed
easily by parched bricks, emotional
layers fall one by one in the dimness,

beneath the fly over the dream sleeps
for a moment after selling her body!
speed of traffic doesn t make variation
a decade long night goes through one
end to other, in the process of survival
ethics have no place, just life itself
closes the gateways for moonlight !

the dreamy child feeds the breasts
though mother is died long ago, the
innocent kid cries entire night to see
the beautiful morning, nobody knows
saga of that unknown tender dream !
may be somewhere delicate fingers
writing the repetition of slogan for
a piece of bread, a piece of cloth
a corner to touch the wounded limbs
dream does not know the meaning of
human rights, it has to survive for a night
among the predator of ruthless planet!



Some innovative meaning in life, few
undiscovered location appeals me to
meander from one destination to other,
day and night s howling for survival
occasionally creates the unreasonable
torment, tonight heart wants to travel
beyond the life and death, a junction
where prejudice, abhorrence, favors
have no place, a horizon carries only the
beauty of heart, the lust, exploitation
have no chances to germinate there

a dream to look the transparency in
each faces, purity of smiles, truthfulness
in relations, brings in the land of bizarre!
unmasked beautiful people blooming like
the flowers on the arid land, in their eyes
I can see flow of authentic love, endless
benevolent, generosity, as mosaic colored
lotus are floating on the surface of a stable
lake in the isolation, stayed there for few
moment, waited for some of my friends
to share the amazing beauty of rare
phenomenon, far away I looked only you
eagerly waving hand, to reach nearer me,

this belief, that you follow with pure heart,
great acquirement does not allow sleeping,
I gazed entire night the comprehensive sky!
unblinking the eyelashes consistently -------