Thursday, 25 August 2011


on the breast of genesis, arrogant sky wept
last night, maybe you didn't see, departure
of  life, because you've changed sides, the
reluctance of the river bank, hadn't feelings,
the whims broken off  all the embankments,
you hadn't listen my call, lost in dreams !

on the window panes, nocturnal bloom left
touch of passionate palm, wet resonances 
returned to silence of cenotaph, the notes
of tragic love songs had floated above the
medieval church towers, as nomad clouds,
you didn't embrace again, lost in dreams !

life waited, in the desolated street of night,
with bouquet of fresh tuber rose, the moon
scattered the gnostic crystals entire night,
I searched the drops of dews, might be fell
down from the branch of bleeding heart,
you didn't keep promise, lost in dreams !