Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hitherto night is ongoing, just now
Moon has reached to ripeness
The creamy rays playing with the
River flow, deer’s restless calls
Reverberating on the silence of vale
In the lower valley located the
The tiny hamlet, gripped in deep
Sleep, tall trees have drowsy bough
The planet looks dreams land
In this beautiful moment we have
Been lost in the unknown world
Walking together holding hands on
The stalk of gray and white shadow
I can feel your inhalation on the
Neck, backbone, ribs in unsystematic
Way, the shivering lips, trembling
Walk, wild, tiny white blooms falling
On our soul, on the heart across
Corporeal limit, love or desire, passion
Or devotion, I don’t know the feeling
In this instant, a tidal wave pulls us
Nearer so nearer that we have no choice
To come back from this genesis of
Magnetism left over all the limitation
Says no other way apart from
Dissolving in each other’s arms, body
Ignition amplifies, river reaches
On the rocky path, high land, near the
Gorge, edge hasn’t alternatives
Flow is liberated since birth, nobody
Could stop to fall down, its creates the
Exquisite, multihued, usual fusion of souls


Rebuilt the broken cards dwelling
Repeatedly, dreams are surviving
Still under the rubble of
Emotion, your soft silky touch gives
The life to the dwindling feelings
Your kisses has returned back
My broken long breathings
Ruined plaster of walls renovated
By your smile, whenever you
Embraced to my chest
I filled the cracked wineglasses
Let some drops, if spreading
On the beautiful lacy tablecloth
Don’t worry sweetheart, just your
Existence before me makes
The meaning of life, this leaning
Face toward my persona
Creates the inner light in the dry
Earthen lamp, temple cleric
Thinks it’s a divine illumination
In the midnight, doors had opened
Itself, two souls has been burn
In the sacred fire, this complete
Submission in love brings us
Nearer to fidelity, in the darkness
We pledged before the deities
To love each other everlasting
The jasmines, tuber roses had filled
The fragrance in our relation
Moon had signed as a witness in
Our pious love, night blessed for a long
Life, a commitment for entire life -


Why I have done this, often I think that
Why I loved you, why I lost the sleep
Life hadn’t grievance, no any pain
As a sea eagle I have had been flown,
Above the ocean, clouds
Over the flowering vale, green canopy
Near the volcano, somersaulting
In the blues, on the tree twig
Sitting calmly looking the waves
Often I think that why I loved you
Life was the wild obstinate stream
Teasing and playing all
The time with rocks, submerging
Roots, floating moonlight
Falling down to river valley with
Numerous tiny crystals of water
Creating rainbows on the
Naked chest, sometimes embracing
The reflection of moon by wavy arms
Why I became unwavering, often I think so
Why I invited the stranger anguish
I don’t know why I loved you
Emotions were butterflies in the day
Seclusion attached to fireflies
Gazing the sky in the night
Tender dreams were very sweet
Talking with me all the time
There wasn’t any desire, just smaller
Wishes, to touch the lotus amid
The lake, to open the caged parrot, to
See the flying clouds on the sky
Why I loved you, why you confined my heart
Please say me why you cut my wings, 
why you loved me - - - - -