Thursday, 31 March 2011


Again raised fumes above depressed
Sinking river basin, the scout about the
Missing link of flames says somewhere
Storm is hidden, from the north east sky
Strong wind creating the instabilities!
How to sail the ferry on the surface of
Upheaval emotion, the stairs of asylum
Is moving towards the back by tidal flow,
The hymn of sympathy flies from the
Temple of love, life finds familiar faces
Standing near the turmoil coastline, the
Optimism of a glorious morning doesn’t
Permit to leave the voyage, though heart
Is detained in unknown alluring point,
Cynic thoughts changing the routes, faith
To search the real meaning of survival,
Boats are impatient to navigate the new
Horizons, a green pasture is awaited
Somewhere to embrace the offended
Hearts, bleeding dreams, stifled breath!
The caravan of humanity doesn’t wait
They wish to follow the path of nirvana
In the oriental blues the last morning star
Demonstrates the way to reach the ocean
Of ancient land of Vedas, unexplored
Books of ancient ages indicates here only
Here you can find the meaning of life!
Depth of soul is infinite, it never to be died
The planet would be again stand on its axis
trust of rotation keeps intact, sun has to rise! 


Wednesday, 30 March 2011


You reside on the crown of providence
the soft ray of dawn tries to touch the
intimacy, as lesser God s children play
on the stairs of darkness, my emotions
have no large space to grow the cyclic
blooming bushes, bonsai plant waits till the
falling of noon to get the scarlet light of Sun!

Unexpectedly your appearance on the
veranda of life gives me a possibility to
love you,in bottom of rejected cavity
dreams have colonized, they wait there
raise hands, your shadow provides them
short term peace, I revive my persona
try to shun the crystalline wet moments!

Your breathing passes through the algae,
microorganism, amoeba, adoration twists
the path of evolution, desires are critical,
amorphous love emerges from reduntdent
well, follows your echoes, chases the heart,

I know, it s not possible to sleep with sweet
dreams, unwillingly your mind thinks for
me, uncontrolled thoughts brings you over
and over to see the depth of hollow space,
I feel that, without any linkage, a strange
waves travel from echoes to heart I realize
that you love me, this trust converts the life
as an infinite religion, I pray, try to get you!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Darkness of night wraps the squeals
in the citadel of life becomes silence!
on ruined walls, fresco breathe alone,
the last desire to get the justice, some
privileges to renovation, saline wet -
wind is exposed by sea, it absorbed
easily by parched bricks, emotional
layers fall one by one in the dimness,

beneath the fly over the dream sleeps
for a moment after selling her body!
speed of traffic doesn t make variation
a decade long night goes through one
end to other, in the process of survival
ethics have no place, just life itself
closes the gateways for moonlight !

the dreamy child feeds the breasts
though mother is died long ago, the
innocent kid cries entire night to see
the beautiful morning, nobody knows
saga of that unknown tender dream !
may be somewhere delicate fingers
writing the repetition of slogan for
a piece of bread, a piece of cloth
a corner to touch the wounded limbs
dream does not know the meaning of
human rights, it has to survive for a night
among the predator of ruthless planet!



Some innovative meaning in life, few
undiscovered location appeals me to
meander from one destination to other,
day and night s howling for survival
occasionally creates the unreasonable
torment, tonight heart wants to travel
beyond the life and death, a junction
where prejudice, abhorrence, favors
have no place, a horizon carries only the
beauty of heart, the lust, exploitation
have no chances to germinate there

a dream to look the transparency in
each faces, purity of smiles, truthfulness
in relations, brings in the land of bizarre!
unmasked beautiful people blooming like
the flowers on the arid land, in their eyes
I can see flow of authentic love, endless
benevolent, generosity, as mosaic colored
lotus are floating on the surface of a stable
lake in the isolation, stayed there for few
moment, waited for some of my friends
to share the amazing beauty of rare
phenomenon, far away I looked only you
eagerly waving hand, to reach nearer me,

this belief, that you follow with pure heart,
great acquirement does not allow sleeping,
I gazed entire night the comprehensive sky!
unblinking the eyelashes consistently -------


Monday, 28 March 2011


Do not ask me the secret of this smile
life has enforced, I accepted the role
of clown, that is nothing than few
crystals on the edges of my eyes!
let someone lit the semi melted candles
the shadow on your look haunt the
valley of emotion, however the silent
blue mountains are adorned by wild
blooms, in distressed eyes, I could not
get the reflection of love, just believe
me, entire life I hang over to see
a glow of glee in your faded beauty!
I rummage around to accumulate the
moments washed by dew drops, desire
to touch your dried lips, gazed the sky!
went near the fire flow, lava to know
the passion, touched  seismic pressure
to feel your sensation, hours I looked
the western sky to go through your
perception, twilight passed with montage
print on the blues, bare chest I placed on
the rock to feel your pain in my heart, night
provided all the beauties, you touched
kissed, embraced me, I did not see the
extinct smile in your face, often I tried to
get the profundity, always received some
moisture on eyelashes, but I still love you,
 this path of self immolation brings me
day by day in a web of delicate layers
I found the life is a rotating helpless planet !
breathings are ring of Saturn, moving
consistently searching your sudden eclipse,
to get a umbra for submission prolong!


Sunday, 27 March 2011


Spring has inscribed on the heart, the
tale of beautiful flaming night, sharing
moments of breathing, memories of
nectarous thirst, synthesis of desires!
looking the golden moon by dwindling
walk,the midnight brings more rapidly
the commotion between us, the graph
of passion enhanced vigorously, night
bloom of tuber roses submerged body,
soul, the life emerges from the pores of
sweating glands, as night goes towards
the depth of darkness, two shadows
were lost in the mist of sweet fragrance!
in the adjoined arena the swirl of fireflies
play the serpentine game in vertical way
before the dawn the cyclonic waves
serenely taken the shelter on lap of
dream, feelings were converted in form
of aesthetic butterflies, wings unfolded in
the first light, spring said good bye!leaving
some concealed blissful moments of our
life, in the limit of vision the valley of
flowers smiling to embrace the world with
internal beauty, charm, the season has
hypnotized outer, inner emotions, souls
our life became the factor of modesty
as followed the thriving path of infinite love.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Life desires more, proceeding to love me
think for that, apart the physical assets
I have illimitable pain, spots, suppressed
emotions, undetectable prolong ignition
before becoming the earthen lamp, face
the tropical storm, would you like to burn
with me in the seclusion of necropolis! in
the dead silence of soul, do you want to
see exposed, as an infant inhales on the
weird land of harshness,covered thin protein
of the body, would you like to remove? as
fawn wants to walk on the grassland, my
wounded emotions have fleshy bleeding
smell, could you hide me under the chest?
it s not so simple, predator have stronger
senses, let me mature to that level so I
would be able to know the way of survival!
the path of devotion has uncertain end
as golden horizon is nothing than illusion, a
fantasy object but we love it, many myths
sometimes converts in reality, I do not
know the depth of perception, your desire
of eyes says you want me tonight with full
vitality, would you like to be a barren sky
eternal love is passionate to fill the cipher
with inventive extraterrestrial vivid fluids -
but be sure that you have to face injured,
wounded, a persona of inactive crater, the
 fatal eruption have no prophecies, please
think twice, before loving me in this way !
life does not forgive me, riddles of death
I do not wish to think, my desires says I
crossed the destinations many decades ago!


Thursday, 24 March 2011


Nova light subsisted for short period
on the cerulean blues, overwhelming
occurrence changed the gloominess!
sloping ground besides river, an old
granite shrine witnessed the evening
prayer of wounded hearts, bleeding
souls, in the midstream flows,dream
of equality, compassion, adoration!
from a distance it seems an isle of
attractive vivid flora, suspended on
turmoil waves, everybody wants to
reach on the eccentric land for a -
new habitat, to sow the civilization of
love, humanity, an influential man
with beastly look, carrying whipping
chord wants to control the mass as
a cowboy! crowds do not waited
for any prophecy, they reject all the
summons, midstream changes the
route goes through the river vale,
sudden emerges near the edge,
they yell  in victorious way, the wild
horse in end admits defeat! the
fete of gladness flies higher the sky
whole the night river smiles curving.


The basaltic terrains of life absorbs -
minute droplets of summer rain, in the
evening, soft light of sun carries news!
on the top of baobab tree, seizure of
fireflies creates world of illumination
sitting alone on the top of monolith rock,
the grassland looks sea green carpet,
a peaceful Eden expands the pergola in
the heart, gradually darkness covers
the nature s benediction, the night
brings the mysterious sound, blinking
eyes, nervousness for survival till down!
the mind becomes explorer, endless
search for safe shelter in the dullness
perception goes through evolution, we
weave the dreams for a marvelous
tomorrow, blooming violet cactus, a
child is running bare foot, carrying the
rope of rainbow kite, an old men looking
his smiling face, oh its so beautiful! the
colors scattering down, the entire hamlet
joins to look the panoramic scene, an
amazing pleasure for survival in the land
of hardness, the kite flies among the
clouds, dust, nebula, moon, galaxies
mass cheerfulness goes whole the night!
the widespread bliss floats on the air.


The manuscript of life s extraction was
before me, shaping the own out line
could not turn out, clarity never grew to
visible, as the tiniest particle of wilds
condensed on the surface of pages!
the reading to me, meditation failed
however several times I changed the
attires, looked mirror from all direction,
the eternal beauty of heart lingered
aloof in the isolation, I loved only the
the flesh covered arena, the invisible
part of perception never explore the
eyes, beauty of desire became slowly
the femme fatale ! effect of mirage
brings me in unsolved destinations, its
true that consciousness of life emerge
too late, unfolding eyes are the sign
of morning, an experience to touch the
the blooms of heart are exceptional thrill !
I corrected spellings, sentences, comas
revive the inner expression, accuracy
brought me, not only near to my heart,
the distrustful outlook in your face
changed too, you loved me with sincerity!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The feelings to beautify you with
incomprable colors, blooms
art of sublime immortal creations
whole the life I roamed constantly
from one horizon to other, in the
search of pioneering phenomenon !
in the intensity of oceanic wave
in the depth of volcanic vigor
I gone through the fossilized era to
the damp subversive cavern of charms
the everlasting voyage from one planet
to other, to confer the totality
my heart collected the rare to rarest
emotion from the seasons, moon, sea
I have collected all the hidden
aesthetic exquisiteness to make you
more gorgeous than any one
I found, all offering are faded
before your exclusive heart because
the life is originated only from here
the cosmos rotates by your indication
the wide ranging sensation is
simply controlled by your blinking
two captivated eyes ----

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


The journey towards the new destination
never ends, concern to know each other
in the depth of insight, we came nearer
to discover the reality of life, I tried to
reach in your subconscious, to measure
the intensity of desire, found life is very
short to love you, the moon rises above
the pine leaves with complete vivacity, in
the midnight, bunch of magnolia pastes
the wax on its body hiding under the dark
green foliage, creamy pink color from it,
reflects in your oval shaped face, puzzled
my sensation moves from ocean to sky!

Every moment the eternal beauty of your
love becomes deep to deepest, a curio
to see the all - inclusive blue by full of
luminaries, I often pray for an endless
night, how to keep all the contentment in
an album of life, heart searches the safe
heaven to hide clandestine, dissolving
emotions says, hang about in my guise,
as nectar detains internal corolla, blazing
flames give survival to sun since creation
in exchange it I could conceal the black
holes of life let me excel through gigantic
way to know your infinite depth of devotion!


Monday, 21 March 2011


I know, the deserted sky, pain of night
dried lips, blinking tear drops in corner
of eyes, demolished lines of dwellings -
everlasting miseries of life, numerous
faces gazing towards blazing horizon!
the pathetic screams pierced silence
of darkness, I search the peace of mind
only in your proximity, how to snub the
truth of survival, knowing that death is
certain one day, tonight my desires say
the morning would be not cruel, dream
to see the thriving flora, smiling faces

I tried to get the refuge beneath your
lips, eyelashes, as a fetus inhales to see
the universe, loved you, criticized too!
this feeling that I am near to your heart
never let me to die, though destiny s
crucifixion always tried to detach soul!
in the sinking vessel of life I hold your
hand, tried to rescue from the swirling
waves of emotion, I do not know the
invisible crusader goes through your
body, brings me unexpectedly on the
land of new germinated tender leaves!
the flouting breath gets life consistently.


The wild fire burns in a sequence from
one mountain to other, looks beautiful
behind its remained the trails of residues
somewhere under the soot covered
soil, a dream waits for monsoon, shoot
of cane suddenly appears in the first
rain, the lilac wild spiny bloom fills the
zero space of life, tiny several streams
forms the fanatical river, erosion of
banks goes rapidly, the tall tree looks
towards the destiny, persistent layers
of clouds do not want to move from
the chest of sky, moon suffocates whole
the night, the dawn has its own priority
darkness of life chases its own shade
ubder the feet was hidden source of
spring, heart becomes the black buck
runs consistently on the arid land of
desires, mind creates the web of mirage
the glass shelves are decorated with exotic
books of philosophies, fire, wind, earth
ocean all together attacked my planet
I was vulnerable, muscles, bones, beauty
passion, around the nucleus of abdomen!
on the pyre, the golden cage melted to ash
I could not saved my masculine beauty !

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Spectrum of your beauty travels through
the wavelength of heart with mauve, as
colors play on the dendrite surface of the
amethyst, irregular lines of emotion carry
wordless saga of our proximity, unfolds the
prude behavior hidden within depth of
mind, perception forbid always to erupt!
this stable breathing creates artistic beauty
of love, I do not desire to break the dream
of premature morning, just you remained
on chest in form of crystalline dew drops!
the mirror reflects in multidirectional way
I hide you, as infinite radiance into the
internal profundity of heart, the victorious
smile of your face brings me in the world of
romanticism, in this misty beautiful valley
you look as a celestial creature flying with
apparent wings above the painted clouds!
dreams are falling down draped by snowy
touch, blooms are impatient to unfold the
glassy your persona, by scatter down!
your agitated emotions embraced me in a
manner, I overlooked to stretched my arms
its raining, or love submerged my life, often
I walk around in the circle of passion, often
you emerge by a large spectrum of mystery!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Aquatint your love reappeared around
the corona, full moon occupied, tonight
the breathing space looks as limited, thin
hard to avoid the amalgam of emotion!
fragile layers of magma has hidden the
wine red ignition, smoky atmosphere,
though moon light is playing hide -seek
among the vista, let me grow little bit
to touch your soul, do not turn down my
devotion to look you as a Venus fly- traps!
this veracious character magnetized my
life, you cross the viaduct of extreme love
let me disperse the affection as a moth of
one night, before covering the silvery circle
by the gypsy clouds, confine me in your
cornea, do not unfold the eyelashes tonight,
I afraid, the gentle wind would steal away the
the ceaseless fragrance of precious adoration,
anonymous flowers on the terrains of life
rarely blooms let me keep you vigilantly
in the vase of muscles, bones, blood, gasp!
organize yourself in a way to decorate my
life I do not want a single hair thin bruise in
your blooming persona, just enter through
the coronary artery, in absolute submission!


Not easy to hide the tidemark, you left-
over the marshland on the heart, abundantly
green blades fervor desires to touch
the underground emotions, how to pass
through the narrow channel, towering grass!
the boat of serenity could not moved, as
you have taken away the sailing oomph of
life, in the intense night, the moon s gentle
touch, failed to make magic on masculine
structure of flames, static body or yacht!
I tried to escape from this enigma of love
navigated through dream to land of sleep,
over and over I reached in the flow of your
dazzling eyes, I could not sleep a moment!
pyramidal thought looked you as Nile -
far away illuminating by reflection of stars,
feeling turned gondolas of Venetian canal!
moving from one end to other repeatedly,
I saw, on the medieval bridge, you in relaxing
mood, looking down the stable waves, with
curiosity, silently, as my bare body was floating
on the flames of passion, colors of poetries
tying to over come my agitation, the sweat
drops of your forehead dripping one by one
as ivy leaves giving the life by dew, to weeds
from tidal waves to mouth of Mediterranean
my love desired to submerge your persona!
---- shantanu sanyal 

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Symbiosis feeling brings us nearer to heart
here we left over the space for egotism
sharing the life of each other not possible
but there is middle path always, apart from
corporal quarry, other aspects appeals too,
a feeling that you love me beyond any
expectation, I love you  more than life, the
bridge between the two people is not
essential ends on the poles of physical ecstasy!
sometimes you get hurt I feel pain, in the
extreme adoration mind loss the planet, an
image every moment overlaps persona, life
senses a mystical perception, a thin line of
spirituality peeps in the depth of relationship!
gender, colors, status, ugly or beautiful all
taxonomy in this state, becomes worthless,
actually in this absolute level I feel your body
the part of me, how to hurt myself, a question
prohibit always to betray to allegiance, and
the bridge remains intact, trust becomes
stronger day by day, sharing to each others
emotions become easier, when heart, brains
stabilized peacefully, our steps go to colorful
horizon, life regains the freshness, entirety!
the sun looks different moon rises from sea
instead blues, stars hides under the wings of
fireflies, mosaic colors emerge from the
snow caved mountains, heart wants to love
you beyond  the cosmos again and again !

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Selena-Ena Art 

Anche se il cielo stanotte è ingioiellata con

colossale stelle, galassie, nebulose, celeste

fiori, la luna non c'era, ma souk di

entusiasmo ha detto che non s la fine della vita -

silenziosamente si avvicinava la respirazione, la

spazio periferico iniziato brillante, strano

oggetto ingrandito in un modo che ho potuto vedere

la destinazione attraverso la vostra colomba occhi!

Ho preso lentamente, allungando la mano destra per

la tua persona, la stella immersione rimasto per

alcuni momenti, i sogni emerse da

le tue labbra tremanti sotto forma di cluster

gelsomino, la fragranza pura riempito piacevole,

spazio cifra, lo scambio di emozioni ha

finalmente rilassato come onde rigido capitolato

sulla superficie husky di costa, la

schiume deliziato sono stati raccolti da cuori!

Insieme alla deriva creato affascinante

legame della nostra correlazione, il senza luna

notte, come abbiamo guardato con intensità Starling!

le nuvole grigie gradualmente miscelato con

tocco d'argento, li cominciò a galleggiante verso

est, ho trovato milioni di vita erano

aumento dei loro piccoli baccelli di spargere il nettare!

Ho guardato oltre la descrizione il tuo sorriso.

---- Shantanu Sanyal


Albeit tonight sky has bejeweled with
colossal stars, galaxy, nebulas, celestial
flowers, moon was not there but souk of
enthusiasm said it s not the end of life -
silently you came near the breathing, the
outlying space started shining, strange
object zoomed in a way that I could see
the destination trough your dove eyes!
I seized slowly, stretching right hand to
your persona, the dipping star stayed for
few moments, dreams emerged from
your shivering lips in form of clustered
jasmine, sheer fragrance filled leisurely,

cipher space, exchange of emotion had
relaxed at last as rigid waves capitulated
on the husky surface of shoreline, the
delighted foams were collected by hearts!
drifting togetherness created charming
bonding of our correlation, the moonless
night, as we gazed with starling intensity!
the gray clouds gradually mixed with
silver touch, began them to floating towards
the east, I found million of life were
raising their tiny pods to scatter the nectar!
I looked beyond the description your smile.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


The complex characters in the life and
continuation with someone to prolong
creates the riddle of sphinx, sitting alone
on the rock of seashore I saw the twilight
calling desperately to discover the secret
of relationship, sometimes we have to
compromise unwanted state on others
boundaries, for survival, few drops of rain
on the infertile terrain, creates the dreams !
these crystal shaped droplets on branches
of naked thorny shrubs makes the life for
short termed happy, the dried lowland of
heart regains greenery touch, accept the
destiny, in the next door a person lay
to sell his body for some money, buyer
has lion faced human body, no clemency !
we have no time to think for a line written
on the web page : I am ready to do any thing
I am a handsome guy but very poor, I need
money ! the psychology of survival does not
walk on the path of Freud s law, circumstances
forces a person change his identity, in fact
we all face same crisis of persona, the riddle
of sphinx is natural, someone has human face
with lion body, hidden fangs and nails grow
at any time if prey is weaker than predator.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Whenever nature had somersaulted, in a
moment the beauty becomes the beast-
the hustle bustle of life deserted forever,
the fetus of earth concealed the enormous
baffling, as your silent gradient towards me
creates the hyacinth attitude, emotion is
suffocated, its knotty but purplish blue
flower in your red lips invites to love you !
the breast of lake seems gorgeous, the net
of aquatic lilies stalks interlock to each other,
the ruby colored blooms creates the trap,
the dreams are swamp, invisibly immerse
desires hold the body below the waist, vines
of affection creeps through ribs to eyes, I
have no alternative than submission, a little
bit pay for touching the stunning petals, life
has multidimensional layers, never ends, the
devastated city in the end again comes on
the track, the flyover path travels from
the lands to blues, the slip, crack, drift all
the detach space fills by you, as anger goes
down, the inner waves relax on the remains
may be chest or the sea coast, you and nature
are born free, no one could predict, the depth
of perception, the dense secret of your kiss !

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Computation in abacus of life was void
numerous times I touched the same beads
between the wires your image emerged
I puzzled, the frame looks always the face of
memorable, as a melodious music plays
on the notations, in the tip of brush, colors
exposing the eternal beauty, going to mingle
with water, heart becomes magnum opus!
whenever you like to touch the forbidden
limit of proximity, the persona spreads out
with multiple undergrowth roots of desire !
on the wet surface of earth, mildness opens
the path to evolve tender leaves, soft rays
of claret dawn fills later the maturity of love,
knowing to you in absolute way I wait for
you, close to the burning pyre of scented
copse, in the close by temple of Shiva, hours
passed, day repeated, seasons changed,
why you still hesitate to see me as a dead !
in the excessive zenith of devotion, love has
no option to sacrifice the corporal accessory,
on the stairs of holy stream, you walked bare
foot, I raised hands from the depth of turmoil
waves to prove my existence, in the twilight
the affection might be faded, its possible my
beloved, immortality demands altruism, you
posses my body no doubt, soul stayed gratis !

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Lurid firmament, moon light descendes
without sound through the web of foliage
in the fluorescent beauty of nature, our
desires becomes the Greek deities with
crest of olive leaves, coiled expectations
unfolds the threads one by one, blue veins
are invisible, passion flows as chlorophyll
the soft chisel of unknown sculptor moves
through the whole body, we molded the
pleasing flash beyond the crystallography !
walking on the virgin trails of mystifying
forest, the profundity of night, wild bloom
falls consistently as splash of waterfalls, we
traveled all along the wildfire, on the sand
inscription near the stream, we found the
omitted page of life somewhere in the soul
or the blooming corporal terrain of realism !
they searched everywhere with bearing
the ignited woods in hand, anger in eyes,
the hooves sound of mighty horses, in last
disappeared in the silence of abundant dells,
we reached to origin of dawn, in this serene
land, lotus are floating slowly, keeping the
dreams on the heart, we looked the sky, the
last star of night still smiling with frail glow,
the drops of ecstasy as the pearls reflecting
from the giant leaves of lotus, aquatic blues
here our life becomes the gold leaf !

Friday, 11 March 2011


In the peninsula of life the optimism
resides on the adjoining land of trust
as a barrier reef emerges with dream
I hold your hand to cross the strip of
profound sea, the phrase of affection
creates the elegant colors into corals!
in the sturdy sand storm my emotions
wishes to refuge over the breastbone,
your feathery touch gives tranquility, as
birds hide the nestlings under wings!
the passing sound of cyclonic wind later
paused on the dune of sweet consent,
in the scarcity of rain you filled grottos
of stem, these unsolved bounties had
given the life to crack of heart, forever
found myself into new horizons, orchid
of life full- fledged whenever you cuddle
is it your persona a tall  fig tree goes -
towards the concave sky of milky night
in this space of allegiance I kneel down
to implore your hidden love for me, the
entirety of submit makes me the alpha
and omega, a thin line between beauty
and mystical power classified magnitude
of your value in life, I breathe the freshness.


The harmonious chorus at the zenith
evening entreaties moving towards the
multicolored sky, the universe of love
shrinking to greet each other from Atlas
mountains to Kilimanjaro, the autocrats
have no more choice apart from to admit
the mass verdict, the soul of Pharaohs
underneath the pyramids is liberated, the
light of compassion moves from the dust
of Sahara to valleys of Colorado, we have
the streamlined the caravan of love, amity
civilization screams for food, ware, justice
for survival, the darkness of night prays
to deity of light, eliminate the disparity
DNA,blood groups are infinite as even,
homogeneous destiny created by nature,
the flourish branches of cherries says let me
breath together, the bunch of emotion is
interlaced since origin of humankind, the
migration of flowers never changes the cologne!
the barbed hedges are man made, the
beauty of heart is munificent, just knows to
smile, pain and glee are the part of shadow
and light goes simultaneously on the valley
of life, in the world of adoration the line
of serverance is extinct, devoted clouds may
look black, they love to burst on barren land.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Aesthetic ambiance, someone ornamented
again this twilight, sky desires to sprinkle the
the crystals of zeal with pearly touched colors!
launch the life with new dimension, lets go
in the distant, on the lap of blooming valleys,
beloved s sweet infringement lit the arid
dark feelings, the globe seems like glass ball
I have gone through the mirrors across the
apparent adoration, you looked me in a way
that I have been changed the skepticism, the
hands itself raised towards the cipher, eyes
felt wet sensation, suddenly I embraced the
stubborn child on my arms, I kissed him, a flow
diverted from your heart to me, in the nearby
lawn, numerous Touch me not flowers, just
calling me to pat them with softly, life awaited
for decades to see the prismatic rain of bliss!
the sculptures were only nonliving creatures
before loving you, I do not know the magic of
unseen attachment,now whole things look
more gorgeous, striking, as poetries are flowing
through the nerves of marble textures on a
natural leafy designs, even the redundant wood
appeals to think its hidden beauty, touching
to my soul by mysterious smiles, you have
altered whole the life, millions expectations have
been born in the chest, world is now amazing !

Sunday, 6 March 2011


On the chord of rainbow dream travels
through sky to horizon, reflection surfaced
on the motionless wetland, downy grass
tiny feral blooms, life breaths with new
experiences, heart feels your presence -
in this secluded place, in the end of day
twisted twirl brings the fragrance of love
waiting near the bank relentlessly, the
street lights have been blinking, evening
stars emerging with diamond glow, our
meeting promise becoming fade as phial
exclusive, someone forgets to cover the lid,
I feel, the bareness wants to swallow this
graceful moments, why you kept the wine
glass after wiping lip prints in the showcase !
darkness chases me, no more rays from
the finger ring, I could not see my shadow
are you somewhere around the persona ?
in the limit of vision, vertical smoke says
the hamlet of adoration is deserted, but
heart does not believe, waiting endless for
you, is the part of self ignition, in this invisible
burning, life becomes more attractive, may
be one day the rainbow would be appeared
in natural way,after outburst of dense clouds.


In the realm of your enchantment
the paranormal earthen lamp burns
in the ruined temple of ancient era
rouses the sleeping beauty of the life,
on thorns of acacia bough, the bunch
of diminutive white bloom smiles with
new hopes, the pain of body becomes
the adherent to the dream of harmony,
the blessing of unseen adoration makes
the wild trails, gratifying for destination,
budding love for another life, indicates
the perception is not dead, the planet is
yet breathing with humanism, empathy
if your heart is beating in usual way, how
could be possible to unconcern vis- a - vis
looking the tears on alien, familiar face !
whenever you see the inclined blossom
towards the rock layers, it makes the
drawings of shadow with elegant way,
incredible chemistry reacts from brain to
heart, you love, the self image into others
eyes, unexplored emotion promptly rises
you just lean, holds the hands of injured
submerging, falling down Homo sapiens
flowers, feathers, all the living things or
non living, hence heart is yet alive to love !


Saturday, 5 March 2011

TERRA INCOGINITA ( unexplored land )

Terra incognita was my heart before
meeting you, a quiecent island
resurrected the desires when waves of
adoration submerged the flora - fauna
mangroves beauty of your intimacy
designed the unexplained modern art
on canvas of life, day by day I integrated
tidal moments has broken the shoreline
the world was looked like an isolated
boat floating far away, fading slowly!
in this impressive period we left the way
of evolution,followed the primitiveness,
the golden waves of ocean later mixed
with silvery rays, night concentrated by
the dark colours to make the bonding thick,
in the nucleus night we have written the
the promising epic on the wet sand, the
sadistic waves were influenced by us, later
they left the arrogance, became calm -
lay down all the pride, superlative complex
whole the night they touched softly our
body with lullaby songs, dreams created
mysterious geometrical art on the exposed
corporal planet, in the break of day, we
observed the heart is tatooed with love signs !

Friday, 4 March 2011


Round the clock someone is existed
saying gently the saga of overlapping
the persona, the dark clouds envelop
step by step the Moon s dominance,
anxiety has a different world of feelings
the imperceptible contentment walks
all the way through the vine path, life
becomes the wakeful night, self debate
initiates the dream knitting as ethereal
scent of love, reacts unknowingly in the
depth of heart, spirit runs behind the
hazy valleys of wild blooms, olive green
creepers, wind knocks the window -
with strange whirr, the hidden insects
on the trunk of tall tree makes chorus,
wings vibration spreads all over the dell,
in the basin of emotion the image appears
gradually, low tuned symphony of nature
brings you nearer to the heart, so close to
the life, i feel the clammy breath, politely
invisible touch grips the muscles, bones
nerve - center opens the millions desires!
physical chemistry roams as night gypsy,
luminaries of sky gyrate around the Moon!
rocky terrains all of sudden becomes
the cosmos on the earth, poems are born
with tender buds on the chest of desert !


Thursday, 3 March 2011


Stratum of fragile emotion existed on
the facade of heart, it could be felt only,
the nature introduced the affection by
the nectar, it falls drop by drop whole the
time, the minuscule pores absorbs the
sweet flow of invisible ray from beloved s
eyes, lips, touch, just like a rose opens
the petals slowly, little by little in the first
light of morning, strange indigo winged
bird whistles, response swiftly comes from
the buddy may be sitting on the thriving
branch of gulmohar*tree, the toddler Sun
looks surreal way to you, lifting the bloom
one by one cautiously avoiding to mash
the flower with wet wavy hairs on the face,

Looked across the window, the collected
emotion are going in sequence to create a
garland for someone, may be God of love!
sitar** s recitation fills the color of devotion,
I looked from terrace, you offering the water
to the Sun, praying with joint hands, the
fingers become stable on the string wires -
music is emerged with you from the neighbor
roof ! the scatter wet rhythm,brings wind rapidly
the wetland sustained moisture since centuries
life goes towards the comprehensiveness !


*   fire of forest - lacy leaves tree
** musical Indian instrument