Sunday, 27 March 2011


Spring has inscribed on the heart, the
tale of beautiful flaming night, sharing
moments of breathing, memories of
nectarous thirst, synthesis of desires!
looking the golden moon by dwindling
walk,the midnight brings more rapidly
the commotion between us, the graph
of passion enhanced vigorously, night
bloom of tuber roses submerged body,
soul, the life emerges from the pores of
sweating glands, as night goes towards
the depth of darkness, two shadows
were lost in the mist of sweet fragrance!
in the adjoined arena the swirl of fireflies
play the serpentine game in vertical way
before the dawn the cyclonic waves
serenely taken the shelter on lap of
dream, feelings were converted in form
of aesthetic butterflies, wings unfolded in
the first light, spring said good bye!leaving
some concealed blissful moments of our
life, in the limit of vision the valley of
flowers smiling to embrace the world with
internal beauty, charm, the season has
hypnotized outer, inner emotions, souls
our life became the factor of modesty
as followed the thriving path of infinite love.