Monday, 28 March 2011


Do not ask me the secret of this smile
life has enforced, I accepted the role
of clown, that is nothing than few
crystals on the edges of my eyes!
let someone lit the semi melted candles
the shadow on your look haunt the
valley of emotion, however the silent
blue mountains are adorned by wild
blooms, in distressed eyes, I could not
get the reflection of love, just believe
me, entire life I hang over to see
a glow of glee in your faded beauty!
I rummage around to accumulate the
moments washed by dew drops, desire
to touch your dried lips, gazed the sky!
went near the fire flow, lava to know
the passion, touched  seismic pressure
to feel your sensation, hours I looked
the western sky to go through your
perception, twilight passed with montage
print on the blues, bare chest I placed on
the rock to feel your pain in my heart, night
provided all the beauties, you touched
kissed, embraced me, I did not see the
extinct smile in your face, often I tried to
get the profundity, always received some
moisture on eyelashes, but I still love you,
 this path of self immolation brings me
day by day in a web of delicate layers
I found the life is a rotating helpless planet !
breathings are ring of Saturn, moving
consistently searching your sudden eclipse,
to get a umbra for submission prolong!