Sunday, 6 March 2011


On the chord of rainbow dream travels
through sky to horizon, reflection surfaced
on the motionless wetland, downy grass
tiny feral blooms, life breaths with new
experiences, heart feels your presence -
in this secluded place, in the end of day
twisted twirl brings the fragrance of love
waiting near the bank relentlessly, the
street lights have been blinking, evening
stars emerging with diamond glow, our
meeting promise becoming fade as phial
exclusive, someone forgets to cover the lid,
I feel, the bareness wants to swallow this
graceful moments, why you kept the wine
glass after wiping lip prints in the showcase !
darkness chases me, no more rays from
the finger ring, I could not see my shadow
are you somewhere around the persona ?
in the limit of vision, vertical smoke says
the hamlet of adoration is deserted, but
heart does not believe, waiting endless for
you, is the part of self ignition, in this invisible
burning, life becomes more attractive, may
be one day the rainbow would be appeared
in natural way,after outburst of dense clouds.


In the realm of your enchantment
the paranormal earthen lamp burns
in the ruined temple of ancient era
rouses the sleeping beauty of the life,
on thorns of acacia bough, the bunch
of diminutive white bloom smiles with
new hopes, the pain of body becomes
the adherent to the dream of harmony,
the blessing of unseen adoration makes
the wild trails, gratifying for destination,
budding love for another life, indicates
the perception is not dead, the planet is
yet breathing with humanism, empathy
if your heart is beating in usual way, how
could be possible to unconcern vis- a - vis
looking the tears on alien, familiar face !
whenever you see the inclined blossom
towards the rock layers, it makes the
drawings of shadow with elegant way,
incredible chemistry reacts from brain to
heart, you love, the self image into others
eyes, unexplored emotion promptly rises
you just lean, holds the hands of injured
submerging, falling down Homo sapiens
flowers, feathers, all the living things or
non living, hence heart is yet alive to love !