Wednesday, 29 September 2010

one deastination to other

i waited for you, since the moment of promise
adjacent the lake of new born pink lotus,
moon sank in the blues before midnight
shadows of trees disappeared slowly-
i searched you, in the echoes of darkness,
in the fast asleep emotional rain forest
ring of saturn was all my dreams, you
extinct in the galaxies of luxurious life,
the lines of palm had rejected the amity
i found myself a margin left over on the
epic of love, as written by your deep eyes,
hostility is performed by the society in
his way, my persona was an isolated land
i waited for you, for few drops of water
as, passion flowers of terrace wanted to
climb up some more stairs of life, all the
endeavor to get back your love, i roamed
persistently one  deastination to other ,
as the clouds of desert, i did not see you
anywhere - - -
--- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


wrinkles of the face doesnt wait
longer to re decorate the mirror,
images sometimes refuse to accept
the truth of life, i had no any news
though planet is changed rapidly,
winter is knocked the door as usual
when i awaken, flowers have been dried
on the path of life,  it was too late-
to re collect the elegant soft touches
your unexpected gift remained,
wrapped with dreams in the heart,
i looked you from a long distance,
unexplained your eyes were saying
may be some other day ----------
-shantanu sanyal

Monday, 27 September 2010

solution unknown

life is originated from the darkness
i know very well, but there is some
enlightenment too, in the out of ovary,
the fetus becomes the infant through
the circle of moments,days,months
seasons make the emotions matured,
denial of your support to the sprouts
wouldnt effect the blooming of buds
some flora knows how to survive in
the arid, thorny, harsh surroundings,
the nature, evolution goes through
day and night, unseen a self process,
offended souls one day would be
before you to claiming the share, its
up to the doors to give explanations,
deprived, destitute voice reacts to
the depth of heart, out come would be
unpredicted, solution unknown - - -
-- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 26 September 2010

once we knitted the dreams of love

the oceanic high waves break egos-
all arrogance disperses on the shoreline,
the prehistoric rocks smile all the time,
physical erosion is the part of life, just
the wild stream flows since decades -
on the surface of granite, creates canals
falling from the peak, seven colours make
the pleasent moments on the hearts-
here once we knitted the dreams of love,
web of desires might be broken, but
the delicate threads of relations is still
breathing, true adoration never dies,
echoes of all the sweet moments of life
reminds me, you are in my heart, planet
is bloomed whenever you smiled near
or far away a rhythm traveled between
us, somewhere you are waiting for me,
i can feel your presence everywhere,
inclined clouds, mystic dense forest
mysterious climbers embracing the trees
the unfolding tender leaves, flowers
just like your graceful face reflects, the
first new born ray is touching on
sleeping moisturized the grassland,
the seeds of dreams hidden, under the
residues of wounded emotions,perhaps
one day the oceanic waves would be calm.
- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 25 September 2010

the whirl of esteems

discontented soul raised the hands
currents of river suppressed desires,
tried to cross the whirl of esteems but
not succeed to bisect from you, dear!
depth of relation was so crystal clear,
whenever tried to submerge all the-
land of blossom adjoining in the life,
couldnt raze the bridge of affection,
obsessed thirst converted a form of
submission, i gripped persistently in
the trap of passionate your persona,
tried to release from the shadow of
beautiful eyes, i dwindled on the lips,
the monsoon streams are engrossed
by the prolong arid valleys of hillocks,
tiny attractive flowers were bloomed
on the thorny wet land, as clouds had
been replaced by smiling rainbow of
your graceful love, sign of triumph,
defeated my masculine angles, reshaped
to embrace you with complete devotion.
--- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 24 September 2010

did you think its the only everlasting love?

utmost part of life, chased the mirage
did you find the pleasure points, the
infinitesimal link of hidden desire,
we searched all over, in the the magnificent
rainy days, darkness of thick clouds
somewhere in the allure moments
fascinated the corporal warmth and
the river of yearning became lunatic,
did you satisfy in the end of ignition?
in the wild, winter exposed with full bloom
we turned, as the curved lines of passion,
crossing the zenith from the earth
did you feel, inclusive zeal of extremity
autumn touched the stripped valley,
we roamed to hide for solitude but lost
the sense,as mating life on the nature
did you comply with the primitive love?
summer entered with new approaches
sweat odors changed into the floral touch
we breathed, mis together in a circle
lips provided the glacier sensation
did you think its the only everlasting love?
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 20 September 2010

the reflection of vision

my faith is all- embracing
beyond the cosmos, unbounded
divinity sustained on the faces
of anguish, distress hearts -
concealed the persistently ablaze,
the camouflaged adeologies have
to die, ash is inclusive providence,
the abuse of beliefs obliterate
itself one day, as sometimes bowl
of venom takes the revenge -
it exchanges in a moment and
host has no more chances to say,
the last wordings are controlled
by the invicible forces, you trust
or not, the heaven and the hell
surround whole the life, escaping
is difficult from this land of
transparency, the roots of hates
never bloom the flower of life,
the unseen images are always
existed in the human faces, its
depend on the reflection of vision.
-- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 18 September 2010

the life is beautiful

the hushed moments unfolds
tales of life, some droplets on
the edge of eyes, wants to fall -
down,just like the crystal dew,
before the dawn rests on petals,
emotions travel whole the night
sky, moon, stars, the indigo hills
half bloomed flowers, gentle rays
touch of relation, left over on -
the windowpanes, mist covered it,
somewhere in the wild, few
fire flies exhausted the last glow,
illumination remained on the
rough bark of tall trees, some -
night birds however singing  the
lost songs of endless love,
life doesnt want to accept the
mirror, the painful truths, here
suppressed feelings re desires to
exchange the face with nature,
season says -the life is beautiful.
-shantanu sanyal

Friday, 17 September 2010

the broken pieces of statue

glinting particles of river edge
and the ferry, unidentified the
conversion between them goes
through the waves, entire night
moon burns alone on the blues,
expectations traveling from one
destination to other,in search of
the prudent place, to grow the
seeds of love, dreaming eyes -
denied to sleep, far away the
squalls are gathered to grip the
boat, deprived faces pray to god,
the broken pieces of statue
haunted the heart, creation is
strenuous process, satanic hands
feel easy to wreck the beauty,
the candle of life, do not want
to melt down, morning would be -
questioned against the marring,
--- shantanu sanyal

its only absolute truth ---

let all the logic of survival
to be synchronized in the
inner beauty of a giant lotus,
its not easy to change the
d.n.a., definition of human,
the science of sociology
devide the mankind in the
two main streams, pure
hearts to be dominated the
planet since the creation,
evil souls have to adopt the
path of majority, no option
is left over,the mahabharata
itself  re occured in the hearts
of mankind, whenever hatred
is crossed to extreme line,
may be atheist, or radicals
no one has the authority to
declare the supremacy to rule
the world in his doctrine,
to change the minds of mass
is required to love the human,
love is the basic mantra to
conquer the planet, the war is
provisional solution, not remedy,
let the lotus bloom with
millions petals on the lake of
humanity, love to each other
its only absolute truth ---
-- shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 16 September 2010

every body knows except you !

a little bit gloomy blues, wind -
constant, flow of love is stable,
far away the ruins of feelings,
wants the renovations, refresh,
evening is getting down slowly-
slowly, erratic breath waits for
you, as diffident night blooms,
the elusive emotions fear to say
perhaps, eyes would be revealed
whole the story, i do not know
the depth of vision has an affect,
whenever we met, muffled words
did not success to open the lips,
in the captivity, heart became as
the bunch of rose buds, eager to
bloom, but sky did not allow -
the passionate ray to touch the
nucleus, petals awaited prolong,
again another moment, i am
waiting for you, to say in a short
how much i love you, its better to
ask the sky, stars, moon, flower,
every body knows except you !
--- shantanu sanyal

why i loved you so much?

the vivacity goes through the
numinous path of your eyes,
i know, a dim luminosity is -
inhabited on the loving heart,
virtuous face reflects the ray
compassion reacts to survival,
the misty sky, floral clouds
the earth turns eden, as your
seer smile sprinkled on the life,
scorching summer alters on
the shadow of generosity, as
your mysterious touch appeals,
to love again and again, the
waterfalls of mountain sing
the lyrics of vivid coloured birds,
i could see, the image of beloved
across the crystal - clear stream,
here rainbow desire to break-
its emotions, to adorn your body,
wild blossoms want to pour-
all the hidden fragrance on you,
the low tide goes up in a moment
whenever waves touched your
shadow, the moon becomes crazy,
the riddles chased me whole
the life, why i loved you so much?
--- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


the latent volcanoes in the heart
do not wait for the saesons, the
strangled emotions have to erupt,
crucified life rejects the systems,
grief itself becomes the therapy,
incarnation has no monopoly -
jesus revolves to krishna in a flash,
the last judgment remains in the
masses, king makers have the
solutions, how to dethrone the devil,
mosses is existed in the suppressed
faces, awaited to turn as a lava,
the war of purity, does not care
the number of factions, they scarf
the shrouds on their heads,
flooded emotions have the divine
influence to change the planet,
for flourshing the civilization -
universal minds to be joined in one
point, live and let live to other,
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 13 September 2010


revealing the truth, faced the
blasphemy, echoes goes prolong
return back to its origin,
the wind, clouds, ethnicity were
suppressed the voice, fragrance
immersed into the words
of love, divinity touched the
heart, molecules of subsistence
revived the negative feelings,
invisible image reflects, from
all the faces of the planet together
illuminating the uniformed light,
how to eliminate the galaxy of
millions, who looks you in the
multi forms, in the smile of kids,
in the extreme pain of death,
through the darkness they feel
your presence in inclusive way
statues, nature, water, fire
aura, hollow, the infinite love
travels on the track of faith,
---- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 12 September 2010


angelic face,unknown the crusader
bleeding heart looking the mass
numerous judas hiding in the planet,
duplicity in the peak, how to reach
near the beloved to thoch the feet,
estranged crowd by politics of belief
crumbling the conviction as the
house of playing cards, one by one,
where to go, how to get the clue?
somewhere, may be you inhabited with
love, bless, flowering valley, a dream
land of distress, rejected souls - - -
--- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 11 September 2010


the serpentine trail of woodland
goes through the flying fogs
emotions derived as the subversive
flows of your mysterious eyes,
tried to touch the riddles of face
often the path misguided me,
weeds with tiny blossoms attracts
the toxic graceful flowers have
the silent glamour, i broken the myth,
nucleus of desire enfolded the
pleasures, full of nectar, thirsty
lips reject sometimes the effects,
leaning to love made me antitode
feelings became the cascade of
multihued, rainbow melts slowly,
heart is passionated to seize
all the veiled colors of the ecstasy,
i feel, your inclined face on the
barren chest, gives the new life
conclusions ! just leave it,
few moments are more precious
in the nearness, long life - - - -
who knows the next moment ?
--- shantanu sanyal 

Friday, 10 September 2010


in the obscurity, parasites become
more lively, the adage goes through,
the blood, the feeling is sweet, as
vampire bats attack in the sleep, the
feeling of pain is irrelevent, mind
searches the unseen dreams, the
sensation picks up speed slowly,when
dreams break, incised part reminds
the story of romantic realism,
the spellbinder face smiles, as the
paralyzed feelings want to rescue -
the marauders are now in form
of munificent crusader, torched the
home and run after the river,
trusting hearts couldnt distinguish
tha masked faces, suffering goes
prolong, sleepless nights wait for
the day break, may be one day
emotions would be able to resist.
-- shantanu sanyal


the essence of the flowers
caged by emotions, for making
more beautiful the moments,
the brief inclination injured
the elusive,weak branches of
the life, the bloom fell down,
hard to satisfy the desires,
sometimes we betrayed the
leaves, twigs, buds, as well as
whole the canopy, the planet
was looked dwarf through the
loving tower, the concern to
slack down the possession,
we tried to embrace the sky,
affections were the feral creeper
broken easily during low down -
the tidal waves of passion,
its rigid to include someone till
to last breath, in the awful
times, even shadows want to
hide their existance, the sun
has to sink into the sea, the
tender dawn is striking, other
part of globe is eager to bloom.
- - - shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 9 September 2010


the fascinated relation, love
the moon and the tidal waves
involved the passion in between
the space of cipher, silent receipt
the mute dialect of souls, in the
milky ways, sprinkled little by little
in the form of fragrance, as spring
wants to break all the taboo, how
to deny, we didnt made for each other
the planet, the creation of life
unseen temptation dragged us to
admit the reality, thats we lost the
sense for few moments,clasped,
merged the personaa as rivers meet
to all together in the chest of the sea,
the shadows of the trees tried to cover
the blossoms for longer freshness,
the moon melted its all desires on
the surface of crazy clouds, away -
saffron dawn became the dazzling
flowering valley was moisturized -
with numerous tiny dew droplets,
the mystic smiles on our wet lips,
unfolded the secrets of night - - -
--- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

the inner beauty

the magnitude of adoration
discovered the inner beauty,
as a anonymous emotion turns
the buried stones in the gems,
my life was just the isolated, an
unwanted chapter, your love
explored the eternal depth,
the folded feelings, desires
gone through the humanizing,
touching the heart by
divinity, made me precious,
the fossilized thinking became
vibrant, began to look the
dreams, flowers, sea, clouds
i felt the life is beautiful poetry
decorated with graceful
crystals of endless gleams,
far away whenever, the western
sky is painted by colored clouds,
night falls with glossy, radiant look
as your presence is existed,
some where in the depth of tuber roses
the evening prayers chant in
the praise of your admiration,
night becomes more meaningful
in your proximity, life gets the
world, in more magnificent look,
i want to keep the moments
in the heart, as a fortune, just
holding the hands, looking through
your eyes, life desires to stay forever
in the profound emotions, which often
wants to exorcize from your lips, eyes
for preserve the love,
 i avoid to touch you
wants to look whole the life --
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 6 September 2010

over looked the face

a mass loving figure
symbol of idealistic thought
aristocratic look with natural beauty
in the peak of succcess
every one considered a living example
wherever he gone, flooded by fans
and wellwishers
a long line to get the autograph
garland, clapping hands - -
and shouting - love you - - love you
it was the past, passed away slowly
he didnt know, when season is changed
mirror is broken ---grey hair reminded
sitting in the one room apartment
the unknown lane of the metro
looking some black and white
photoes, news paper cuttings, and the wall
discolored, merged in to the algae ---
perhaps, he doesnt knew that
broken glasses never be united
it to be replaced, a substute is required
it is the world of proxy, alternatives are
available in each of corner ---
a procession is passed across the life
he had been left far away in the back
unable to run behind the shadows
the planet over looked his face
a gone astray --- omitting name -- friendless
often he used to talk the lost moments
and sung the old melodies in the shacking voice
neighborhood guys were said, its gone case
the dusted broken mirror
always wait for his lost smile ---
every one salute the rising sun !
--- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 5 September 2010

the dripping ivy

verdant mountains, first day
of monsoon, rain dispenced the
valley, tender bamboo leaves
gazing with new dreams
folliage under the ash
wet wings, life desire to fly
touching to my heart your
closeness fills the new colors,
the dazzling violet wild bloom
looks as the amethyst breathing
on the green canvas of nature,
the wet venus body you look
like an angel holding my hands,
dripping the ivy creeps on the
muscles, whenever you touch me
the unexplained sensation
creates stimulating the passion,
the desire born to kiss you
love wants to attach the persona
near to the heart, eternally, everlasting
droplets falling from your curly hair
fuel the wilderness, makes me
mischievous,crazy masculinity
lips starts dwindling, fingers
desire to touch fervently, without
any ashamed feelings, the rain
says to me, just take the shelter
under the shadow of your beautiful eyes,
dont waste the time, just embrace
and to be lost in the unknown destination,
rain thrusts me again, i lost the self influence
sorry for consequent, i loved you.
-- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 4 September 2010

the truth of relationship

ethics i rejected, in the love
purity is the old concept, do not
mingle the elements, which are
in reality meaningless, the radical
emotions are the ultimate point
for submission of body, brain
heart, blood, whole organic parts
performed beautifully in the passion,
the divine powers let you release
to accept and give the pleasure,
the natural appeal is based on it
doctrines, dogmas couldnt change,
the human mind, homo, straight
every one wants the physical zeal,
the world of survival refuse the
hypothesis, the living organism
wants the alternate way to liberate
its desires, medium is created by
mind, an individual select his way,
just how to get pleasure in the
available moments, as quick possible
its main relationship, may be
concealed, may be open chapter --
-- shantanu sanyal

the memorable moments

the embellished covert moments
between two yearning souls,let me
disclose, romance desire bloom,
did you remember, the first bed
sharing night, the throbbing heart,
the winter evening with some
bunch of red roses i kissed you,
crimson face became scarlet in a
moment, when did dark appear
we had no sense, how the clothes
vanished, emotions became the wild
you reminded me in the indication
to closing the doors, when passing
the living room, to close the entrance,
i faced the big mirror, found myself
just the statue of david, muscles
were ardent, nerves stretched, wow -
awesome physics, commented by you,
almost i leaped, might be you
little hurt, that was fanatic love,
did you remember, i said you sorry
extreme pleasure reflected your face,
brown eyes were smiling in mystery,
tiny unknown flowers were bloomed
on the surface down the abdomen,
sweat droplets were peeing on the
chest as the dew on the pinnacles of
tender grass, in that chilly night , we
slept, undressed whole the night,in the
ray of dawn, we lost again in the mystic
planet, embracing to each other, the re tidal
waves, given us a new meaning of life,
suddenly, strange knock on the door,
we were laughing in low volume, searching
the our lost clothes, that was a memorable
night of complete submission - - - -
-- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 3 September 2010

just loving you

i professed, facing the mirror
the reflection of your love is
infiltrated, skin stomas released
the aroms, jasmine bloomed
alcoholic eyes unfolded the truth
though i didnt drink the wine,
the entire night, torrential rains
pour the soul, heart, the persona,
the ruins of babylon, pyramids
in the fresco of tajmahal,the world
over the secret of our relation,
scattered as the unrestrained waves
braks the coast, over flow the
horizons, i found myself, lost
somewhere in between elegent lines
of your lips, breasts, on the
silky eyelashes, i do not know
just loving you i experienced
the planet exchanged its beauty
by the dream, - the flowering valley
love droplet, dripping one by one
from the needle point of lotus petal
pink daises have replaced your
velvet gown, envious eyes desire to
remove them, one by one i want to
wrap the body by the millions
thirsty kisses -
my desires became the intense blaze
after loving you, just loving you --
-- shantanu sanyal 

Thursday, 2 September 2010

the open cage

the perception of charcter goes
through continue process, hypocricy
is inherit in various channels, some
times on the surface, might be deep
 rooted, as dualism is the part of life,
tonight we delighted, sharing the bed
the dream was not harmonized, its
difficult to assess the inner feelings,
the deires never dies, the mind creates
every moment a different planet,
do not hide the truth, i know the
honesty of relation, diluted passion
the need of time, i performed with
concentration and you enjoyed,
its different question, how much was
love in your heart in exchange to me,
so its better, do not say that your
love is everlasting, just keep it
liberated, the open cage, realease
the desire whenever it wants to expel,
the knots of satisfaction, itself loose
as days passes in months and years,
the heart wants the changes, springs
summer, autumn and body odors
become pastles, romance searches
the new ventures, nothing is immoral
the bonding is required clarity,
acting damaged the soul, as well as
the persona to love again.
--- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

the wild flowers

i do not know, why it transpired,
alone i was contended, in my life
emotions, feelings were painless
dreams, slumber, brain, each part of
body, self hegemony reshuffled -
why did you meet me, please say !
flickering love is hidden in the blue
how to touch the illumination,
the space is full of mist, thick clouds
the obsessed affilation, made me
untamed, the silent consent of
your beautiful eyes were insisted
to cross the imperceptible fire circle,
i didnt desire to demolish the trust
the astonishing rain, eccentric touch
the layers of sense stripped itself,
how and why, we shared the esteemed
moments, inclined your eyelashes
experienced, as millions twinkling
molecules of crystals were ornamented,
the deluge of contenment, forced
to affix the passionate till the dawn,
exchange of kisses, touched the soul
heart, heavenly feelings,
fingers, lips were moved as
impulsive musk deer s fragrance
on the each of body components,
the endless love was chasing
the widerness, necked, transparent
our limbs had been the flowers
on that of night of deep compliances,
the sweats were replaced by passion
drops, since that night i feel
the physics is no more remained
the lump of flesh, hair, skin, chest
down the abdomen, inner and outer
layers, all transformed in the
shape of the wild, beautiful blossom - -
- - - shantanu sanyal