Wednesday, 1 September 2010

the wild flowers

i do not know, why it transpired,
alone i was contended, in my life
emotions, feelings were painless
dreams, slumber, brain, each part of
body, self hegemony reshuffled -
why did you meet me, please say !
flickering love is hidden in the blue
how to touch the illumination,
the space is full of mist, thick clouds
the obsessed affilation, made me
untamed, the silent consent of
your beautiful eyes were insisted
to cross the imperceptible fire circle,
i didnt desire to demolish the trust
the astonishing rain, eccentric touch
the layers of sense stripped itself,
how and why, we shared the esteemed
moments, inclined your eyelashes
experienced, as millions twinkling
molecules of crystals were ornamented,
the deluge of contenment, forced
to affix the passionate till the dawn,
exchange of kisses, touched the soul
heart, heavenly feelings,
fingers, lips were moved as
impulsive musk deer s fragrance
on the each of body components,
the endless love was chasing
the widerness, necked, transparent
our limbs had been the flowers
on that of night of deep compliances,
the sweats were replaced by passion
drops, since that night i feel
the physics is no more remained
the lump of flesh, hair, skin, chest
down the abdomen, inner and outer
layers, all transformed in the
shape of the wild, beautiful blossom - -
- - - shantanu sanyal