Tuesday, 17 August 2010

beyond the cosmos

in the circle of the feelings
i decorated the moments with
shy touches,hesitant kisses
obstinate clouds,condensed
in your dreamy eyes,perhaps
waiting to downpour my heart,
evening lamps of ruined temple
abruptly blazed by mosaic rays
it was discarded since decades,
divine souls are the flames - - -
the legend illustrates its version,
i feel only after loving you, that
every evening it burns itself
i can hear the holy prayer song
reciting by unknown female voice,
myaterious song drags me
in the ruined, broken, disfigured,
statueless, centuries old temple
weeds, climbers are looked so
beautiful just the lost heaven,
i do not know, mesmerized love or
something disformity has covered
on my persona, i observed each
and every direction, your face - -
blooms as wild flowers desire to
permeate the mountains, forests
a phenomenon which makes the life
so meaningful, i want to fall in
your love persistently in the each birth
after the death too, just love me
beyond the limit of cosmos.
---- shantanu sanyal