Tuesday, 30 November 2010

natural phenomenon

repulsive is my look the mirror said
external version is not the final truth
among the flesh, bones, blood, saliva
the beautiful planet inhales the life
emotions have no discriminations
mirror ignored the internal flow, its
not my mistake that you pushed me in
the corner of ruined, rejected planet
heart produced the rare blossom
its the world of beautiful lotus, lilies
for a while let me love to my friend
dreams are not created for only you
its natural phenomenon let it liberate
--- shantanu sanyal

the sky looks smaller

injured feelings sometimes shows
the way to love everybody, its a self
assessment that others have pain too
the sky is dark today let the clouds
melt down my chest is unfolded in
a way that i could be absorbed all the
vaporized tear drops, depressions
moisturized roses opened the petals
somewhere my failures in life says
weak beam is sufficient to bloom the
neglected, deserted, wild blooms
its beautiful experience to feel your
presence, how much is cherished
its not a matter about the intensity of
love, the passion to see the smiles
on the faces is my destination of life
here i feel the comprehensiveness
the sky looks smaller in those moments.
--- shantanu sanyal

vulnerable emotion

i relinquished the possession
do you able to release all the
speechless sharing  moments
perhaps no,something is still
hidden in your heart to accept
the reality, that in the rains we
bathed together in the blazing
flow,wishing to forget is very
easy, how to eras the perfume
of love, prepared the eyes since
ancient times,everlasting desires
goes through the heart to soul
extraction of fragrance is tough
flowers have to die in the mass
my breathing is diluted by your
purity,how to leave, inhaling the
life,here my vulnerable emotion
has premature death, there you
have to decide for new dreams
somewhere fingers would be hurt
the roses are beautiful but thorns?
---- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 28 November 2010

dreams want to sleep for a while

all familiar faces vanished in a moment
as autumn knocked the doors
the pledge to die together was a
canvas of temporary colors
knitted dreams unfolded, threads
scattered as sweater s performance
now is out dated no more rosy chill
wool roll remained as a toy of kitten
the sun sets behind the easy chair
empty trembling shadows still touching
the bonsai plants, tuber lilies died
leaving the bulbs under the soil who
knows tomorrow, they would be
bloomed or not, the pale leaves are
falling one by one
dreams want to sleep for a while
--- shantanu sanyal


prejudice made me dynamic
i colored the sky with mosaic
flowers have no monopolies
decorated the poem of life with
crystals of defeat and victories
the planet is framed in smaller
since you looked from window
i have door less hanging nests
no apprehension for cyclones
the tremor of emotion failed
here i lived on burning craters
dreams are not untouchables !
i break the myth, touched the
stranger but divine blue eyes.
--- shantanu sanyal

beyond the imiginations

the virtue and sin the two faces
goes parallel in the life, definition
is created by the doctrines of men
nobody knows prophecy after death
survival was the reality, in the end
both hands would be empty that s
the ultimate truth, its differ that i
desired to rule the planet, ambitions
indicated me whole the life about
the glassy bridge across the river
of deep valleys, rocks and serpents
touching the sky was only dream
my aim was beyond the imiginations
-- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 27 November 2010


i have dived into the depth of
ocean,to get precious trinkets
a submerged tunnel in the depth
i found you are the only person
waiting for me to show the way
 endless darkness was illuminating
by your heart as millions crystals
the blazing thirst became the calm
i have collected the secrets of life
your love is blessed me affluent
though i have nothing precious
stones apart the your affections
reciprocal loving moments under
the blessing changed my persona,
--- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 26 November 2010

angel of flowers

gulmohar blossoms proudly stamped
their presence besides the cemented
streets, a portrait of vivid oil painting
once i kept on the balcony walls, for
drying it fast, honey seekers forgot the
path, innumerable times in the life,heart
ran behind the dreams,eyes confused
by the character of colors, a whirlpool
innocently pulled towards the mirage,
the kissing marks on the lips of poems
was not easy to hide, given blame to
the season,flowers trapped the moments,
the trail of the sky passes among the
blinking stars,stripped emotions walked
to fill the aroma,near the full moon
i lost my self identification, your love
lifted my body, after that i had no words,
the impulsive approval,the soul s rebirth,
the season called me angel of flowers.
-- shantanu sanyal

pin drop silence

the hilarity ended on pin drop silence
the shacking hands is not indication
that you have occupied the heart, my
desires created the endless destinations,
its difficult my friend to follow the
particular path, end of journey had the
origins of horizons, here sea and earth
are meeting to each other, not the blues
i just raised the hands towards the sun
its your vision converted me worshiper,
loving to someone is not the de rigueur
 that i would be able to excavate the soul,
my definition is simple,planet create it
complicated,i looked in your eyes, some
other dreams, you asked me, about the
exposed body, how to clarified that the
flesh sensation too after cutting in to pieces,
the calculation of emotion does not follow
the theory of Darwin s evolution -----
---- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The cuckoo clock

nothing would be permanent, the clock
does not to do so, still the blues shines
as usual, i left the conference decade ago,
the name plate s letters faded , dust
covered the passion as blooming season
said good bye, the diary s delicate stanzas
might be flown in the rapid wind of life,
i found my wet emotions fluttering on
the twigs of dried bamboo trees,
the moon went up  slowly above
the ruins of sentiments, turbulent flow
of the lake acknowledged  my face or
not, God knows , the foot prints were
washed away by the waves, some
incomplete poems, dried roses were
floating near the edge, i have nothing
to prove my presence in your life,
the cuckoo clock is silent, as the bird left
the cage, but its working properly
pendulum says its now midnight my friend
morning is a foreign national.
-- shantanu sanyal

the boomerang

life doesnt want always compromise
the moon faces may be created
by astral calculation, predictions,
here my heart rules the the planet
mind shows the path to follow the
perception of my own decision,
how to blame others or destiny
i have grown my self the future seeds
here no scope is remained my friend
to face the consequences of past deeds,
the relation between me and mirror
might me not always cordial, because
image says the bitter truth, my sins
and benevolence were unbalanced,
the self consciousness was not so easy,
but veiling the face is the crime
unknowingly i hurled the boomerang
numerous times and received multiple
injuries in the return, its happened,
i did not compromise the facts and
confession forced me to kneel down,
here the planet left me alone forever.
-- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

the dream

the grace of nature appeals
i worshiped your beautiful eyes
the brief of life inhabited on
the dark edges, i illuminated
my day and night to loving you,
the sound of soft walking, feels
the nectar dripping from the
wild purple,canopy blossom,
the lips seems like two rivers
are restless to mingle the emotions,
the gorgeous delicate appearance
breaks my passion in installments,
the flowering smiles misguides the
the travelers to find the destination,
each and every angle are enfolded
with the reflection of rainbow, your
persona is ornamented by precious
blessings of angels, i fear to touch,
a glassy beautiful walking dream is
surfaced on the earth, after looking
the painters are speechless, brush
and colors confronted in mute, the
moments paused itself, sun waits,
requests for rotation, for survival.
--- shantanu sanyal

the perception

the limit of my imagination is
glassy, breakable, i did not fence
the surrounds, let the dreams
shelter, grow, bloom and scatter
i contended whenever you had
defeated me, its creates some
more space for self realization,
just like a kid s victory, knowingly
loosing the game has unique zeal,
the graph of life goes through the
various face, lines had no regrets,
your love is on the tip of thorn
as dew droplet shines in dawn,
my devotion rests on the dry leaf,
let the fresh wind push love, down
heart would be surfaced in a moment
i waited since the creation of cosmos,
to, absorb the outburst of submission,
--- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 22 November 2010

The desert lilies

those all days did not stay longer
before the sun set the pale light
explained the dilution of relation,
i still keep your shadow on the
balcony s flowering weak plants,
i checked almost every day to
them, may be one day, would
be some flamboyant changes,
the conversion between the
buds and butterflies, i did not
guess, something is lacking to
bloom the dream,i tried my best,
the agreement failed as we were
delayed to know each other,
the separation was painful as
we trimmed the stem to bloom
the widespread winter blossom,

only desert lilies survived in the
evening, thats your favorite flower,
i looked your face, dissolved in the
moon, sudden glow is increased,
now night looks more transparent.
-- shantanu sanyal

The love

obsession made me offensive
declared my love for you,they
pelted stones, abused, punished
it was their verdict, i left off them
bleeding forehead had the miracle
i accepted life after the death,
my persona was the dropped bloom
hatred created me majestic icon,
thorny circlet explained me divinity
i lost the extreme pain s gravity,
my love was the ever lasting soul,
whole the cosmos concluded in
a moment,i looked my reflection in
your eyes,floating on the tear drops.
--- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 21 November 2010

the hill station

bonfire burnt,facing to each other
night engulfed slowly, splashed the
silent moments, half moon of sky
scattered the wet light, mountains
might be concerned about the hide
and seek of wilderness, continued
the game of the prey and predator,
trees were the only mum witness.
morning bathed with honey of wild
blooms,birds twittering in new songs
the fresh wind desired to play with
your curly hairs,flowers unfolded the
delicate petals,inclined eyelashes had
some dew droplets, gift of night glee,
bonfire had been converted in cold
ashes, some moth, dragon fly wings
were scattered, ending of short saga.
as a coin, life has divided the ecstasy
in two parts, again the destiny s victory,
hill station had many secrets wrapped
in the mist,only thats are among us
trees, you and me -concealed moments
let keep some balance for next visit.
--- shantanu sanyal

the glimmering flow

since infinite era, the glimmering flow
is continued on its way through the heart
as a thirst to swallow the outer darkness
repeated birth of desires accumulated
we do not know the ultimate destination
anthology of compassion,didnt allow
often, to trust the nearest person, its
normal, researching the unknown trails
in life is an adventurous task,but we
love it to go through, unpredicted result
has its own glamour,its raining, before
few moments the dale was silent but
burning inside, i didnt look back though
you reminded, that some one is calling
disparately, whole the life the lost voice
chased me,external darkness is easy to
 illuminate,whole the cosmos would be
near you, rising sun looks beautiful,
it s difficult to switch over the inner clouds.
--- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 20 November 2010


here i shaded off my egos, tonight
i m going to change my fins, scales
cutting the fangs, hidden nails, canines
let me alter the dreadful my  look
its moment to self enlightenment, just
wait before touching my perception,
exquisite your body acquired sandal
seasonal all flowers scattered perfumes
angel kissed your heart in passion,
let me humanize first, do not step near
me, as smell of wilderness would be
diluted to the purity of adoration,
just wait for some while, let the reflection
allow me to touch your submission,
the process desires some more periods
here let me to see my image in the
mirror, exposed completely to compare
my persona with you, i do not want
to betray, please try to look me in the
broad day light, darkness has different
tale, a invisible line divides, between the
lust and love, i left the decision on you.
-- shantanu sanyal

The ox bow lake

as a solitary ox bow lake, in the peak
summer, quench the thirst of wilderness
stable unwavering surface of heart is
shivered sometimes, sudden sound makes
the life miserable, knee deep water
does not support to save the herbivores,
did you read the emotions? deer eyes
look beautiful, dark lined, moisturized
big eye lashes, nightmarish all the time
insecurity trims the wings of dreams,
the little sensation creates the panic,
observed the sentiments of isolated
slum dwellers, unknown face of brothels
disfigured walls of life had many tales,
the street children searched the shelter
in the extreme winter for one night only
in the midnight you kept the face on
my chest and remarked- you have no
romantic sense, how to explain dear,
the river has some hidden valleys too,
sometime why we become oxbow lake ?
-- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 19 November 2010

we knitted the dreams of love



we knitted the dreams of love
the oceanic high waves break egos-
arrogance disperses on the shoreline,
the prehistoric rocks smile all the time,
physical erosion is the part of life, just
the wild stream flows
since decades -
on the surface of granite, creates canals
falling from the
peak, seven colors make
the pleasant moments on the hearts-
here once we
knitted the dreams of love,
web of desires might be broken, but
delicate threads of relations is still
breathing, true adoration never
echoes of all the sweet moments of life
reminds me, you are in my
heart, planet
is bloomed whenever you smiled near
or far away a rhythm
traveled between
us, somewhere you are waiting for me,
i can feel your
presence everywhere,
inclined clouds, mystic dense forest
climbers embracing the trees
the unfolding tender leaves, flowers
like your graceful face reflects, the
first new born ray is touching
sleeping moisturized the grassland,
the seeds of dreams hidden, under
residues of wounded emotions,perhaps
one day the oceanic waves would
be calm.
- shantanu sanyal

hidden cascade

glacial condition, challenged the
life, uncared emotion has melted
the ice, strange mushroom were
grown to protest the nature,
i didnt loose the hope to firm
my presence in the planet of mist,
everybody worship the beauty
i searched the ecstasy in vestige
perhaps you know,some feral blooms
are more gorgeous than the roses
the depth of heart is unsolved
mystery, entrance is open but
exits are multicoated canvas, i
confronted the myth, the core
of love was influenced by divinity
superficial portion delayed me
to grow the undying faith for you,
for looking the hidden cascade
required to go down the deep valley
sound was not the mirror, echoes
passed through the waves of wind
silent nature didnt open the lips,
imiginations died after mating
the harsh realities, black widow again
waited for new journey to gorge.
--- shantanu sanyal


exploration made me outrageous
bare body crossed the spiky caves
the droplets stunned I felt crystals
underground water created the arts
luminosity of love shown the paths
Ididnt care the intensity of wounds
bleeding of limbs were fleeting feel
addiction of adventure appealed me
sloppy sentiments forced to touch
hanging venomous dreams roof down
in your love I had overlooked all
the obstacles crossed hidden warren
as you promised to wait on the boat
I searched everywhere till last breath
nothing was there except the moon
lights playing with waves beautifully
I lost the path of life since that night
-- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Night has its own version
every moment I burnt for
you, darkness was so dense
shadows were invisible -
how to prove the loyalty
the fire bath made me ash
its your description my
friend, I loved to stay as
a broken mile stone
for showing the destination
just look for a moment
the origin has its own pain
planet loves only the polished
portion of gem, thats reality
--shantanu sanyal

Friday, 12 November 2010


exchanging the emotion is not so
easy, sympathy dominates all
the personality ,somewhere life
becomes aggressive or submissive,
circumstances decide the hidden
pain s survival, seasons forced to me
for smiling all the time, tear drops
you couldnt see, because it dried
in the depth of origin, the joker s
apperence was short timed, clappings
ended in the silent, something broken
soundless, speechless were audience.
--shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

beyond the imigination

once you removed the brush
from a child s finger, imigination
didnt die, now that kid is a
reknowed painter in Paris.
once you laughed on the bad
handwritting, do you know that
girl is a famous novelist.
planets are rotating in its axis
we can not change the destiny
today i am walking alone on
the footpath, who knows the
tomorrow, stars would be on
the crown, in place of thorn
sometimes self analysis is not
the final word my friend
the world is existed beyond
the cosmos ------
--- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

on the surface of foothill pond
you existed in the lotus bloom
emotional mist touches the tip
floating leaves keep rain drops
childish heart desires to pluck
the flower, muddy edge do not
permit, sun rised above peak
morning smiles with golden way
I stayed for sometimes near
the edge of pond, shadow reminded
time is over, try again later.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Inner darkness illuminated
whole the cosmos is srinkaged
into the depth of two dove eyes
tonight galaxies twisted the ego
I decorated the series of glow
on the edges of adoration, an
extinct river wants to submerge
the dreams of flowering valley
Tonight sky is inclined to scatter
the stars on the path of your life.
-- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


i awaited on the ancient bridge
talked with algue, broken bricks
crackes were breathing the last
wild creepers have climbed through
the pillars to touch the sky, its
evening, said me something in
low sound, that river had once
a vast, deep aquatic life, days have
to passed, sands are remained
its different, once you had a big
moisturized eyes and i had the
imiginations to cross the oceans
how to show, waves of life
still desires to emerge the edges.
-- shantanu sanyal