Friday, 10 September 2010


in the obscurity, parasites become
more lively, the adage goes through,
the blood, the feeling is sweet, as
vampire bats attack in the sleep, the
feeling of pain is irrelevent, mind
searches the unseen dreams, the
sensation picks up speed slowly,when
dreams break, incised part reminds
the story of romantic realism,
the spellbinder face smiles, as the
paralyzed feelings want to rescue -
the marauders are now in form
of munificent crusader, torched the
home and run after the river,
trusting hearts couldnt distinguish
tha masked faces, suffering goes
prolong, sleepless nights wait for
the day break, may be one day
emotions would be able to resist.
-- shantanu sanyal


the essence of the flowers
caged by emotions, for making
more beautiful the moments,
the brief inclination injured
the elusive,weak branches of
the life, the bloom fell down,
hard to satisfy the desires,
sometimes we betrayed the
leaves, twigs, buds, as well as
whole the canopy, the planet
was looked dwarf through the
loving tower, the concern to
slack down the possession,
we tried to embrace the sky,
affections were the feral creeper
broken easily during low down -
the tidal waves of passion,
its rigid to include someone till
to last breath, in the awful
times, even shadows want to
hide their existance, the sun
has to sink into the sea, the
tender dawn is striking, other
part of globe is eager to bloom.
- - - shantanu sanyal