Monday, 30 August 2010


layers and layers, pitch dark clouds
thunder,uncontrolled wind
together all in the provocation fuel
earthen lamp of ancient temple
a survival for the last breath
evening goes through the miles long
infinitive deep wild caves
promise to be fulfilled, any how
meeting rock is far away
thorny land, dense jungle, blind valleys
have to cross the tidal river
clapping hands, the invisible faces
preparing to throw the stones
mysterious,poisonous smiles
every where, in this merciless universe
face the chalange,the ring of fire
the cross over the final destination
to hug the beloved
be ready for the fire baths
proved homself the twenty four carat.
-- shantanu sanyal

the negative album

all the shining faces vanished, one by one
promises hanged on the wall
mistakes some times alter the reality
every one performed excellently
the spell bound acting is ended
no more clapping, zero stage, empty chairs
lights off - - - deadly darkness prevailed,
eclipsed all the myth, an emotinal hypothesis
bleeding moments, broken chandeliers
melted candles, flameless inner fire
fumy sky, dissolved moon,
the negative album-- a broken easy chair
an image extinct before the development
a person died before the midnight,
just keep some floral lines on the coffin
may be artificial -- once you loved me.
---- shantanu sanyal

endless -- search

two eyes, languages less

something searching all the time

on the rail tracks, besides the roads

on the ruined temple stairs

...just searching all the time

human, inhuman, some use to laugh

on her, some feel sorry

summer, winter or rains

two eyes weeping persistantly

but no tear drops-- unvisible stream

seismic memories, people say her- mad

commenting is the easiest thing

i heard, she belonged to some

aristocrate family,son is in america or

in london, i dont know exactly

what is lost -- how to say

silently she searches on the earth

some times towards the sky

endless -- search

-- shantanu sanyal