Thursday, 2 September 2010

the open cage

the perception of charcter goes
through continue process, hypocricy
is inherit in various channels, some
times on the surface, might be deep
 rooted, as dualism is the part of life,
tonight we delighted, sharing the bed
the dream was not harmonized, its
difficult to assess the inner feelings,
the deires never dies, the mind creates
every moment a different planet,
do not hide the truth, i know the
honesty of relation, diluted passion
the need of time, i performed with
concentration and you enjoyed,
its different question, how much was
love in your heart in exchange to me,
so its better, do not say that your
love is everlasting, just keep it
liberated, the open cage, realease
the desire whenever it wants to expel,
the knots of satisfaction, itself loose
as days passes in months and years,
the heart wants the changes, springs
summer, autumn and body odors
become pastles, romance searches
the new ventures, nothing is immoral
the bonding is required clarity,
acting damaged the soul, as well as
the persona to love again.
--- shantanu sanyal