Tuesday, 21 December 2010


the glossary of sentiments
sometimes amazed to find
the way in affection, lips, eyes
become wordless, arid land
the wrapped twilight in to the
peacock feathers, i looked you
far away in the rosy clouds
getting down slowly from the
crescent moon, perfumed winds
fascinated in a way that i felt
walking on the oceanic surface,

in this moments heart becomes
the distinct land of beauties, colors
in the north eastern sky the flock
of emotions makes the milky lines,
somewhere two souls appear like
the couple of swan, flying to infinite,

in this magnificent evening i feel
i am waiting for you since the
creation of cosmos, gazing the sky
unblinking the eyelashes,
do not remind me that i am
on the earth, i love stay forever
in the dream of your adoration,