Saturday, 26 February 2011


the open palms raised up to get the
justice, the eye droplets dripped down
as you turned down them ruthlessly,
but flame of chest never dies,
adventist emotions emerged in form of
tempest, the crown has no way to flee !
the share of lion you made the destiny
the pack of hyena forced you to leave
the empire, the synchronization of mind
reflects vigorously, clouds have to burst
deserted life does not walk on the dreams !
you feed the venom since the birth to
hate the human, as addiction of narcotic,
in the consequence they sting to you,
humanity is beyond the boundaries -
the love is infinite, undying element,
the endless process of nature, creation of
god, they have been left the conceit,
egotism, followed the path of adoration,
peace, god s planet may be fantasy, imaginary
nobody knows the reality, natural art is out
of definition,  after the death existence, or
only smokes go through the darkness !
no one knows the mystery of the circle,
then, why you discriminate me as a co traveler ?


in the chronicle of invisible power
footages are not kept pending, every
moment is going to record, you
believe or not! its eventual destiny of
life, sometimes the internal pain
reflects speechlessly, the outcome is
found beyond the imagination, once
debt bearer man is insulted by money-
lender, the depressed man only
wished death for affluent, in next
moment no more breathing by rich, co
incidences are not only eye of mind !
the exchanging is the part of life, how
much we have received or given
the balance sheet does not wait for
rebirth, the life has to face the result,
this calculation goes by the circular way
clergy man was buried near my bones!
in the midnight i looked he was weeping
vigorously hiding face into ankles !
the injustice chases after the death, do
not wait for last judgment, he realized
the truth, that he was the first person
who oppressed my life, in the darkness
of imaginary symbols, in the mystical light!


serene evening leisurely gets down on
the slope of mountains, may be wild
bloom unfolding the corollas, whorl of
silent moments desires to say you, the
concealed emotion of heart, why you
are unknown to lip- read, the patience
of wineglass wants to touch the thirst,
rhythm of violin says look the inner -
tiny arteries carrying the wheeze, your
stable, killer silence, mixed feelings -
pouring consistently the arsenic pain !
how to show the obsession, searched
the words, gazing bluish sky, last night,
keeping face on the coiled finger stalk
i hope you think only for me, as the -
lavender s bloom scattered in mystic
smile, moving anxious dreams on the
eyelids, this your crescent glance, fills
the colors in my crafted promise land!
amid us the bunch of pink dahlia, vase
neither the dense clouds nor darkness,
how to cross the stretched bizarre sea
of indecision, please thrust fingers -
unknowingly towards the heart arena!
twilight is vanishing fast, the fascinated
night is almost prepared for glee, love
me, as river falls in lunatic way to ocean,
let all the paper boats sink in the whirl
of precious adoration, who knows the
beautiful dawn would be able to collect,
the nomadic , thin, flying ashen clouds,
rains are far away, create the imitated rain!
tonight i desire to walk on the tips of
thorny quartzite to touch the source of
subversive spurt, which flows from your
eyes, tonight my soul wants to grasp the
the depth of cipher, wish to analyze the
mystery of cosmos, tonight passion has
to extract purity of gems from the stones,
epic has myth, the two souls converts the
corporal shape to divinity after merging
to each others persona, its time beloved
to adapt immortality, everlasting love
let go, walk together on the flames of
invisible, endless, crimson, burning fire!
never see the left over far- off destination.