Saturday, 26 February 2011


the open palms raised up to get the
justice, the eye droplets dripped down
as you turned down them ruthlessly,
but flame of chest never dies,
adventist emotions emerged in form of
tempest, the crown has no way to flee !
the share of lion you made the destiny
the pack of hyena forced you to leave
the empire, the synchronization of mind
reflects vigorously, clouds have to burst
deserted life does not walk on the dreams !
you feed the venom since the birth to
hate the human, as addiction of narcotic,
in the consequence they sting to you,
humanity is beyond the boundaries -
the love is infinite, undying element,
the endless process of nature, creation of
god, they have been left the conceit,
egotism, followed the path of adoration,
peace, god s planet may be fantasy, imaginary
nobody knows the reality, natural art is out
of definition,  after the death existence, or
only smokes go through the darkness !
no one knows the mystery of the circle,
then, why you discriminate me as a co traveler ?