Sunday, 27 February 2011


the dew drops shines on top of the reeds
beneath the alone date - palm, emotion
gazes to just bloomed, rosy aquatic lilies!
i know, you did not sleep entire night
the footprints are still existed on the grass
might be you walked bare foot, mellowed
feathery feelings is addicted sweet breeze,
spring fever immersed everywhere, i am
waiting in the vicinity of isolated life, since
we met, the algae, plankton are drifting
with new dreams, as emerald crystal floats
on the chest of swamp, heart is affectionate,
evolving towards the bliss as a dragonfly
liberates, its apparent wings from cocoons !
the frail twig of reed goes swing in those
moments, whenever our lips break the limit,
the passionate touch creates the invisible
sensation as the aquatic spider creates circle
on the unwavering surface, i look your image
in the water, heart goes lost somewhere !
do you know i write poetries on the
wind, petals, on the yellow plumes of strange
bird, sometimes in the reflection of hills,
i found, all words emerges, collectively forms
your icon, the agitation of heart explores,
the planet with new curiosity, wants to collect
the rare, authentic beauty to gift you !