Sunday, 27 February 2011


let the life glow in prismatic color, please
be remain forever close to the heart,
in this copious rainy night, staring to each
other in this manner, spectrum of passion
reacts more swifter than the thunderous
light, in the rains, fireflies ballet swirl
above the magnolia bunch, sings symphony
of love songs, unwittingly kissing by you
fills the lustrous colors into corporal pores,
as the starling flock fly over the horizon,
the coral reefs desire to unfold the craters!
the submerged oceanic volcano, sudden
emerges from aquatic blues, the vapors
makes the sizzling clouds touching the moon!
just like your gorgeous face touches the
bottom of ribs, creates supernovas thrilling,
in this trembling moments, the emotion
becomes the confused shoal underneath sea,
where is derivation and the termination? the
love, heart searches the infinite destination,

the psyche of meeting point is unexplained
the souls are born out of fetus, moves free
it flies sky to sky, on end to other edge -
the lines go parallel, sometimes curved, vertical
horizontal too, overlap to each other many
times, endless movements, as twisted rope
the rain exhausted in last, morning star is visible!
dew droplets are sparkling in our faces or
new life is standing before with flowering valley.